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Splitting seeds

Updated on March 28, 2013


Seeds split up from the Ground, sprouts of leaves, thirsting
Inquisitive is nature’s flare.
Knowledge washed away by the first fickle flood.
Reinstated as a constitution in which we plow.
The trees look up as the angels look down,

You too are unworthy.
You too shall perish.

Innate thoughts burn the wick of indifference.
Our roots intertwine as we bear no resemblance.
We were one in the same or at least in your image
A harmless fairy tale transformed deadly scrimmage.
Out of many, one. Forgive us, Lord, for the blemish.

We are as we are,
As we have always been.

Plus one man made idea for worldwide treason.
Fuck that!
I extinguish your burning bush with my own flood of reason.
You have no more control over the fate of a flipped coin
than the mind that harbors a choice that you cannot season.

Omnipresent, but invisible.
Omnipotent, but unaware.

All of us have shown up for your show
Now forgotten,
What else can we do but live?

We are as we are,
As we always will be.


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