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How About Those Cute Animals on

Updated on January 12, 2013

“Don’t pay for today what can be put off until tomorrow”

Forget that is the most comprehensive place to learn about all of that difficult to understand financial stuff.They have cute fluffy animals to guide you through the harrowing real estate and insurance markets and that my friends, is worth all the gold in Fort Knox.

Let help you graduate from that school of hard knocks to your own personal Fort Knox. The advice that they offer is what is really golden. As opposed to that crooked Midwestern Governor’s definition.

He’s doing his hard time now. So let that be a lesson to us all to stay on the straight and narrow. Cute stuffed animals are really the most practical way forward on the long winding road towards financial security. If we lose track of the cute and fluffy, that is when we become old and stuffy.

Credit is an important business tool. Many might say that it is indispensable. Perhaps, I was never that practical anyway. If credit is a tool then make sure that you’ve got your safety glasses on and don’t stand in a pool of water when operating it.

Make sure that your credit doesn’t shock you. Be prepared and purchase a case of Girl Scout Cookies to sweeten the deal. I bet that there are at least some guys out there that might believe it’s more important to insure the dog than the wife. How jaded have we become?

I don’t quite know but I tend to like Thomas Edison’s advice which was, “Don’t pay for today what can be put off until tomorrow”.


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