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Spooky Folkstale Stories

Updated on January 7, 2017

The Day before Halloween, the Storm Hag Virgin Islands

A sea witch, there is only one warning before she strikes, dwelling the bones of her sailors.

With pale green of skin, her yellow eyes shine resplendently in the dark, while foul green pointed sharp teeth sink into soft flesh and sharp nails at the end of long bony fingers. She will summon the storms and pulled shipwrecked sailors down into her evil clasp to live with her forever at the bottom of the sea. She will wait till after the storm to attack, tricking the sailors into thinking that the danger of the storm had passed. Her evil trick was to burst forth from the dark waters of the sea. Lightening and wind she storms the ships to vanish never to be seen again. If you listen closely you can hear her singing “come into the water, love. Dance beneath the waves, where dwell the bones of sailor-lads, inside my crocus cave. She will feast on your body, so leave immediately for the Storm Hag is right behind you. Come into the water love, come in to the water love, (as she continues to repeat), come into the water love, (faded voice) come into the water love, (voice louder) come into the water love. LOOK BEHIND YOU! Many was trapped by her wicked ways and trapped beneath the waves. "Boooooo!" (loud)

Moral of the Story: Look behind you, there might be a sea witch right behind you.

How to tell this story, like a Captain tells the story.

Wear a sheet over your head like a cape. Wave your hands up and down making movement of a flowing motion. Have a very scary voice, at every end of the sentences go into a faded voice almost like a whisper and back into a louder voice at the begining of the sentences. At boooo, run up to the persons and tickle them out of the scare.

Ghost Ship of Captain Don Sandovate

Once upon a time, there was Captain Don Sandovate who sailed ships from Spain to the new World in search of treasures. There he found gold. His sailors captured and imprison him because of greed and stole the captain found treasures. (Angry voice) "Give me just one sip of water!" tied to the mast, the sailors would not give their captain any food or water. The captain lay in the hot sun, his body drying up of thirst; Give me just a sip of water! (Angry voice)

The sailor’s heart are dark and cold, they did not care about their captain, left him there to die with his hands still tied to the mast. A horrible storm came arose and drove the ship deep into the Atlantic and all the sailors drowned,. Give me just one sip of water! (3 multiple voices in distress like different tones to create the sailors distress) The ship began appearing along the coast of the corpse of the captain and the skeletons of the saillors in ragged clothing. When the ghost ship pass other ships or houses near the shore, the skeletons would stretch out bony hands and cry "give me just one sip of water!" (3 multiple voices in distress different tones to create the sailors distress) but no one can help them for they are eternal doomed to roam the Atlantic, suffering from thirst was a curse to their horrible deeds against their captain. The captain is never to be thirsty again.

Moral of the story: Don’t be greedy

Tips on how to tell the story: say it as the navigator of the ship, (captain phrase); give me one sip of water,change voice into anger. (sailors phase); give me one sip of water, change voice into distress.

Moral Consequences

Always see the moral as a way to give a postive feedback into not doing something because there is trouble ahead, to avoid the reason to take something that does not belongs to you, hurting someone for gain of materialistic things and watch out of those who will want to take you into traps of doing negative reasons to gain thier riches. There is always consequences to every nagative deed you do. Thats why it is very important to stay postive and if you see or hear the negative is about to escalate to someone or somthing gething hurt, be a captain and stop the negaitives leading to violence.


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    • Joel Diffendarfer profile image

      Joel Diffendarfer 

      3 years ago from Ft Collins, Colorado

      Good fresh story lines...would love to "sea" more. Good job!


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