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10 Inspirational Books

Updated on March 11, 2017

The Secret


If you are looking for a huge life makeover I suggest this one. If you have never heard of the book The Secret, let me tell you a little about it. It is based on positive thinking and the law of attraction. It was written by Rhonda Byrne and was published in November of 2006. The book has a whole collection such as The Power, The Magic, How The Secret Changed My Life and even a version for teens The Secret Teen Power which was written by Paul Harrington. If you aren't a big fan of a reading you can also watch the movie version. The movie is available on Netflix and you can even go pick up the DVD.

The School of Greatness


I have to add this one to the list because I am a huge fan of Lewis Howes who is the author of The School of Greatness. In this book he talks about his personal story and how he built up his success. He also talks about people he knows who have not let their problems define how far they can go in life no matter what seems to be in the way.

Howes also has a YouTube channel that you can check out which is originally how I found him in the first place. He has a podcast that is also called The School of Greatness where he talks to big named stars about how they built their careers.

You Are a Badass


I would have to say this one of the best "self-help" books around. You Are a Badass was written by the great Jen Sincero and was published in April of 2013. If you are sick of reading the everyday "self-help" book, read this! Sincero has no filter in this book. It almost feels more like a friend talking to than your regular life coach. She'll give you an understanding of your thinking and how to overcome life obstacles.

The Power of Now


The Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle is a book about to start living in the present instead of worrying so much about your tomorrows. This book will guide you in the right direction on how to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes as humans we get so consumed on what is to come instead of appreciating what we have right now. He explains all the positive outcomes of living in the present and the right way to do it.

If this one doesn't interest you I suggest checking out all the other inspirational books Eckhart Tolle has. Tolle makes sure you understand his teachings fully and will not let you close the book confused.

Girl Boss


Girl Boss was written by Sophia Amoruso. In this book she talks about her struggles in her teens and twenties. She explains how she grew to be the founder and CEO of the famous clothing line Nasty Gal. Amoruso will guide you in the direction of following your dreams no matter who you are, where you came from or what anybody else decides to tell you.

There is a Netflix original TV series set to come out this year based on her personal story that she describes in this book so if you are interested you should be on the look out for the release.

The Butterfly Effect


This book is a bit different than the rest. It is not a book leading you to success but it is a book that may make you a better person. If you have seen the great movie starring Ashton Kutcher The Butterfly Effect you probably have an idea what the book is about. This book was written by Andy Andrews and was published in September of 2009. It describes how everything you do effects not only yourself but everyone around you. It is based on the ripple effect which is when one action leads to another.

If you don't understand i'll give you an example. Say if you go into work angry and negative you will pass that on to your co-workers. Your co-workers may now be in a negative mood and bring that into their household, then your child may pass that on to their friends and so on. This book is very interesting and inspirational at the same time.

Find The Good


Find The Good written by Heather Lende and published in April of 2015 shares her story on how she one day noticed that all things that may seem like the end of the world might actually be blessings in disguise. Lende talks about how all bad things will soon lead to good things even if you cannot see it now. A lot of us like to look at the negative things of life and think life is just downright unfair because it is just the easy choice. If that sounds like you this book could be a great choice.

Who Moved My Cheese?


This book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson and published way back in September of 1998 was written to teach people how to deal with change at work or in your everyday life. Sometimes change can be hard and may even make us unhappy. This book is a guide to make sure that no longer happens to you. It talks about how your mindset is the number one thing when it comes to change and how to not let it have power over you.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck


The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck written by Mark Manson and published in September of 2016 just might the book your looking for if your sick of the books telling you to "think positive" all the time. In this book he will explain on how sometimes things suck but how you can get over the stress of that. Manson will be your guide to teach you how to pick and choose what to actually put your care into and what not to worry about so much. He will basically tell you how everyone cannot be "Americas Next top model" and how to accept what you can do, not worry about what you cannot achieve.

The Four Agreements


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz was published back in November of 1997. This book is about personal growth and how to achieve it. He will lead down the right path to limit self-doubt and how to not limit ourselves of the things we want to achieve but that our minds tell us we cannot. Ruiz will teach you how to reach true happiness.


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