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Spring Moon

Updated on September 3, 2013

As we go outside and see the moon
Through every time and season
The moon in spring dispels the gloom
Sometimes far beyond reason

And as the moon begins to rise
We see the shadows of day
Fade away into the night skies
Releasing the moons rays

While the winter moon shines bright
The spring moon brings a season
Where chill no longer holds the night
And clearly we find reasons

To find the beauty the moon bestows
As on the sleeping flowers
Or landscape now bereft of snow
Flows with potential towers

Of blossoms in the morning light
For while at night lay sleeping
Moonlight fills each leaf and bower
With immense growth beseeching

So now the night no longer holds
Us to our cozy beds
Tis the Spring Moon that brings our souls
To Awakenings they are lead

The Spring Moon brings us Romance
It brings us Truth and Love
The Spring Moon brings us Hopefulness
From the stars above.

They twinkle with the moonlight
As if to remind
The joy we have in the dark night
As the moons light it does Shine

Kari Shinal
March 4, 2008


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