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Squirrels are Rats in Disguise!

Updated on June 30, 2014

Cute Furry Creatures? I Think Not!

There was a time when I thought squirrels were some of Gods cutest creatures. My heart would grow warm and a smile would find its way to my face whenever I saw them scurrying around. I would think of them gathering their little acorns or other food, storing it for the harsh winter months. I even thought about furnishing a feeder basket to help make their little furry lives easier.

Well, time and circumstance have slowly changed my mind and eroded every friendly emotion that I ever had regarding squirrels. Although I still think they are cute, the thought only lasts a second or two. My heart is no longer warmed by their presence, my eye no longer twinkles as they scurry pass. In fact, I now think of squirrels only as fuzzy tailed rats. And, I plot evil when I see them nearby.

My dislike for the existance of squirrels has intensified over the years with the most recent incident occurring this past summer. This is what happened....


A Little History

I have been blessed to live in a wonderful community filled with wonderful residents. Friendly, helpful and sincere; we all work together to make our lives more enjoyable. I am very, very happy and try and share my joy of living wherever I go...I am simply wonderful...

I have lived in my home more than ten years and have always wanted a garden. Over the years I have made several attempts at planting one.

As a child, I grew up in an area that was full of fruit trees; plums, peaches, apricots, oranges, grapefruit, there were many days I could be found climbing those trees to harvest their bounty.

So, in my new home, in this new state, I wanted to plant an assortment of fruit trees; whichever type are common to this region. I have made some seasonal attempts at planting peppers and tomatoes, but nothing more serious than that. So, imagine how glad I was to find 3 wild blackberry bushes growing in my yard. And, if that weren't delightful enough, I discovered that the purple tree in my front yard was a real cherry tree! Could life be any better???

Setting the Stage

My plan was to wait for just the right time and go pick the fruit of each. I would make smoothies with the blackberries an add them to my salads. I would relish in setting a bowl of fresh picked cherries on my table for the enjoyment of friends and family alike. I tell you, I had big plans.


All for Naught

I was making preparations to carry out my plan with a vengeance! As I was leaving for work the next morning, my attention was drawn to my side yard. What I saw astonished. There on the top of my fence sat a squirrel. He, or she was sitting there, on my fence eating from one of my blackberry bushes.

I stood there staring with as much intimidation as I could muster. He was not moved. His little jaws were just chompin' away. Hmmm, I thought, he is staring at me down... he is eating my berries and he is staring me down! It is almost ominous. But, having lost the staring contest, I told myself that I needn't be concerned, surely there is enough fruit for us all.

Little did I know, but that stupid squirrell and his kin-folk had already cleaned out the other two berry bushes and were systemically polishing off this, the third and last one.

More Sensitivity is Needed

I should have been more cognizant...I should have known by the way that squirrel was looking at me that he was up to no good. I should have found a giant rock and chunked (thrown) it at him. But, no...I was the live and let live lady and, as a result, I was pilfered out of my God-given blessing of fresh blackberries.

The same thing happened with my cherry tree. I went out one day and the tree was full of fruit. I thought I would wait another week to ensure the fruit was good and ripe. (It must have been the devil telling me to wait). Anyway, I waited that week and wish that I hadn't because now I have to wait for the next season.

This is what happened. The day before I found the tree empty I saw one squirrel who was probably the same squirrel of the blackberry bush robbery eating the last cherry on the tree. This time I would take action. I picked up a throw-away newspaper, took aim and threw it with great accuracy toward that squirrel. I came close, but I missed him, and, how many of you know that coming close does not count. He flew out of that tree with that last cherry in his gullet. My once full cherry tree was now naked and devoid of its precious was gone, all gone.

a rose is a rose is a rose...



Those squirrels were as irritating as any group of rats. The difference between squirrels and rats is not much if you ask me. Squirrels are just rats with permed tails and clipped ears. They both chew on stuff, gnaw holes in your house, steal food and leave a mess for you to clean up. We just think squirrels are cute and rats are ugly.

That's just like the devil. He is always the same. He just comes in different appearances. Sometimes you can't tell you are dealing with the devil because he looks or sounds so sweet and cute. Other times it is obvious you are dealing with him.

The point is, whenever you recognize the activity of the devil, regardless of who or what is being used, don't be in denial. Call it what it is and deal with it immediately. Don't let the cuteness or sweetness of the appearance cause you to deceive yourself or deceive others. 'Cause if you do you will look up like I did and find all of your stuff is gone.


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