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Stain Glass Remembrance

Updated on November 3, 2016

Violet webs flood throughout all and every possible outlet of light. Rooted inside an orchard of faultlessness, I take memo toward the sounds of her heart as unique temperaments trace his virgin way! Lace cascading throughout the veil of life-cycle, she finds her commonplace landing! Stain memories shadow of my past existence, for I feel as though the foreigners of my rebuff were never granted the opportunity to live at one, amplified deliverance! I gaze out of these stain glass windows and offer tears not a standpoint further more! Will I be considered to remain unrestricted? High point sunlight around every river dance which flourishes without compel; stain glass remembrance, I hear not a sound of fire and stone! Exquisiteness fades as time clenches not a motive more to dance onward! Stain glass remembrance of my heart and severely, my divine soul; she recollects all and every portal his persists to be!


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