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Star Wars Legacy # 12

Updated on February 27, 2014

The Art

The artwork in Legacy by Gabriel Hardman is far from my favorite. I prefer sharp lines and detail like Douglas Wheatley for Dark Times or Carlos D' Anda for the main Star Wars title. But 12 issues into the title, the art has grown on me and I come to expect it.

The best part of Mr. Hardman's art in this issue is the cover. The reflection of Ania as she is piloting Ramid's ship against the mysterious Tie fighter is pretty cool. It makes this one of the best covers I have seen in awhile.

The colors by Jordan Boyd make the art throughout the issue much more bearable. If not for the solid work of Mr. Boyd, I would be very disappointed in the overall art of this comic.

The Story

Ania Solo has been separated from her partners, Sauk, AG-37 and the Imperial Knight Jao Assam. She has been captured by an old fling, Ramid, who is trying to collect the bounty on Ania's head. Of course, as is typical, trouble follows Ania wherever she goes. Her abductors are caught in the middle this time.

Meanwhile, Imperial Knights Yalta Val and Antares Draco have a discussion about Ania and the bounty on her head. This discussion will likely escalate in following issues as Draco supposedly has evidence that the young Ms. Solo is responsible for the death of another Imperial Knight.

The coolest part of this issue is the appearance of most Star Wars fans' favorite scoundrel and his Wookie friend. As this issue takes place 139 years after the events in Star Wars: A New Hope, they are seen as holographic images in AG-37's database. AG also reveals why he might be helping Ania in the first place.

Star Wars Legacy #12


A Great Title

If you like Star Wars and you like comic books, I recommend making Legacy one of your monthly purchases. It is pretty cool following along the story of one of Han Solo's descendants. The writer, Corinna Bechko, almost always leaves us with cliffhanger endings, wanting more.

Like Han, Ania cannot keep trouble out of her life. It will be interesting to see where this tale leads, with Imperial Knights and bounty hunters alike on Ania's tale.

Ania Solo, descendant of Han and Leia.



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