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Fall: A Knowing of What's to Come

Updated on September 1, 2011

Cool, crisp, nights.

A calming effect of everything right.

Cuddle by the fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate.


of all the vibrant colors emerging.

Bringing to an end the image of a green wall.

As one walks through the woods a

gentle whisper is heard.

Whispering, distant voices.........

as the leaves glide gently to the ground.

The sounds of young children laughing

and playing in the mounds of leaves.

Transitional time between seasons.

Each with their own rhyme and reason.

Preparing for what's to come.


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  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 6 years ago

    Thank you nu-flowerchild for the read and the comment. The pictures were taken near our cabin in West Virginia last fall. I wrote the poem a year ago. Published it and then unpublished it, because I have a tendency to be my biggest critic.

  • nu-flowerchild profile image

    nu-flowerchild 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Nice poem, and I love the photographs! It definitely goes along with the writing. I was just saying as I was moving some things outside that it was too hot, that I hate summer, and that I cannot wait for fall to get here! The seasons fall and spring have always been the ones I get the most excited about because the weather is in between and they are representations of metaphors for me.