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Staying Sane

Updated on November 9, 2015


what's the solution

what's the course

which direction do I go

shout till I'm hoarse.

take advice from one

ignore another

treading thin ice

try not to be a bother.

just your luck

if you find the right solution

don't want life to spiral

like a continual revolution.

Staying sane
Sometimes my life is mentally sore,
sometimes my life is a total bore.
Some days i feel i could literally cry,
i hold it together,let out a sigh.
Some days i experience a euphoric high,
sadly it changes in the blink of an eye.
I try to take each day as it comes,
weighing up my debts,doing my sums.
Some days i feel ,i could disappear,
when the thought comes to me,i fill with fear.
Suffering from depression is a dreadfull thing,
sadness and downers,then highs and i sing.
My kids pull me through the worst of the days
They give me happiness my memory prays.
Being strong minded definitely helps,
from the daily grind,the inevitable skelps.
I plod on as much as i can
i need to be strong,i am the man.
My family have a need, to see me as strong
Some days i feel, im doing it wrong.
Try hiding the downs,concentrate on the highs
Hopefully no one will hear my cries.
I need to believe ,i will see the other side
Of depressions hold,this i will abide.
May take a day,may take a year
whatever the wait,i will be rid of the fear.



cracking summer day,hot as hell

the flowers in full bloom,they're all I could smell.

temperature at least eighty degrees

such a beautiful day just sent to please.

sat out my back door,sunbathed got burned

red as a peach on one side,really needed turned.

so hot and sticky,so tired and weary

this kind of heat,makes you very cheery.

i love the summer,I also like spring

autumn and winter,not always my thing.


Fun is needed

if you can't have fun,there's something wrong

life isn't meant to be a constant sad song.

try to make people happy,try out new jokes

you might be a natural,no need to coax.

its good to make people laugh,feels nice inside

the comedy rules you must always abide.


Harsh seasons.

winters in Scotland can be severe,but when we get a very bad winter , a fantastic summer usuall comes as a reward for the suffering in the cold.

Getting up to stuff.

when I'm happy,I tend to do stuff,

occasionally i prank the kids,they're really tough

try to scare,entertain or have a joke

sometimes it works,they might get the joke.

hide in a corner,jump out with a scream

sometimes I go to far,maybe a bit mean.

they get me back every time.

the fun we have,goes way past nine.

im a bit of a joker,prankster and a lad

i like my fun,it's nit a passing fad.

i think in life you need to have a good time

then the odd day starts,you might feel fine.

not on a downer,morose or depressed

calm and happy,not even highly stressed.

Over the years.

i have changed over the years,ive been in situations of immense pressure,and ive managed to deal with the issue quite well. When I worked I was always the supervisor,or liason employee as I had a calm head and a steady metal was tested so to speak many years ago when I came in to work only to be greeted by a panicking staff member telling me a customer was having a heart attack.i immediately went to the man who was very pale,I basically settled the whole chaotic episode long enough till the paramedic came.i was on shift with five other staff that day,and not one of them knew how to perform CPR. Things have changed in recent years,most places of employment have a registered first aider. This is definitely a step in the right direction,it's proven to save lives.


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