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Steps of Research Methodology

Updated on January 20, 2010


Introduction to research methodology:

Research methodology at a glance­­­­­­______

PHASE- 1A» What?

STEP 1: Formulating a research problem.

PHASE- 1B» How?

STEP 2: Conceptualising a research design.

STEP 3: Contructing instrument for data collection.

STEP 4: Selecting a sample

Ø                Title of the proposed research.

Ø                Background the proposed research.

                  ® Impotance

                  ® Objective.

Ø  rch methodology at a glance­­­­­­______

Ø               Methodology

Ø  Expected outcome             Expected outcome

Ø               Application of the expected outcome

Ø               Bibliography

Ø               Activity chart/ time schedule

Ø               Time schedule

PHASE- 2 » Doing or conducting the study

  STEP 5: Collecting of data

STEP 6: Processing of data

STEP 7: Writing a research report

Ø        Title ( modified)

Ø        Introduction

Ø        Objective/ importance

Ø        Materials or method

Ø        Result And discussion

Ø        Conclusion

Ø        Recommendation

Ø        Acknowledgement

Ø         Reference


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