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Stieg Larsson Biography

Updated on September 25, 2012
Stieg Larsson
Stieg Larsson

Larsson Supported Female Power

Poster Encouraging Revolution against male dominance
Poster Encouraging Revolution against male dominance | Source

Stieg Larsson (Steig Larsson)

Author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

When I searched for the author of this violent, anti-male movie, I was not at all surprised to find that he was a leader of a communist group in Sweden (read: anti-freedom- has communism ever been anything other?). He edited a Trotsky publication.

But, who would expect this: Stieg Larsson spent time in Eritrea. He trained women there to use rocket propelled grenade launchers. The women were part of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front. This group was an "egalitarian", intellectual, left-wing movement. Thirty percent of the fighters were reported to be women.

This is how Larsson spent his time. Is it clear that this man is a leftist, communist with issues with women? It is likely we will discover that Larsson was sexually abused at some time in his life. The scenes of his writing simply exist outside the realm of normal. While the rape and abuse of women receives much publicity, the fact that many boys are also molested at homes, in schools, and raped in prisons and other places gets very little attention.

We can all wonder if Larsson's real war to protect and support women (a worthy cause when not at the expense of men) is really a defense of his own person.

My Theory about Stieg Larsson Proved True:

(Added later) Yes, it seems that an event does exist. According to Larsson's former partner, Larsson once was present when a group of boys pulled the train on an unwilling girl. He did nothing to prevent the assault and violation. This, according to Gabrielsson is the anchor for his activities to help women, and the source of the violent scenes in his books, The Millennium Trilogy.

We have to remember that silence makes one a de-facto allower, a permitter of wrongs in this world. As such, guilt rests on the silent bystanders who permit wrong (like the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie) to exist without comment, and without resistance. We can respect the intention of Stieg Larsson to want to protect women. We all should protect the defenseless. However, when one is guilty, demonic forces gain a right of access. What Larsson needed was repentance and deliverance.

Although Larsson seems to have had some good intentions to stand against racism and abuse of women in his life, it seems his motivation may have been supernatural. As my wife and I both understood in watching the film, the scene is really designed not by the mind of men, but by a supernatural, demonic, force. It is the spirit of things seen in the movie opening doors for itself.


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