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Stingers Part Six

Updated on November 2, 2016

Part Six


The hornet floats in the air before Noah. It’s long massive stinger ready to plunge into Noah’s body. As he stands there looking at Veiny he saw that the hornet grew some more. Its body seems to expand outward as if it were breathing in, but there was no breathing out. The hornet just grew, and grew. It was still the size of a cat but now a large one. The vein on the side of the hornet pulsated twice at a time. THUD-THUD, THUD-THUD, THUD-THUD. Noah lost himself for a few seconds as he looked at this vein. It was the color of orange and there was a strange line traveling from end to end. His head bump also began to beat with the vein. First the vein followed by the bump.

THUD-THUD, thud-thud, THUD-THUD, thud-thud, THUD-THUD.

“Stop that!” Noah said while holding his bump and closing his eyes. The sharp pointy thing inside of his skin was poking with a horrible pain. Veiny in front of him buzzed with a deep sound. It was a horrible sounding buzz that gave the impression that Veiny was a jacked up mutated steroid user. Noah’s eyes water as he brings his hands back down in front of him. Veiny looks right into his eyes, and then he attacks.


With a thrust of its stinger Veiny goes in for the kill. Noah sees the stinger coming and manages a dodge to the right. The hornet floats past with its head turning in Noah’s direction. Noah turns his body and plants his feet giving him enough force to knock the hornet across the room with a punch. The head of the hornet smacks into the wall but is shook off. Another lunge for Noah with the massive stinger was met with another dodge. This time to the left, and as Noah was about to throw another punch, Veiny lifts its wing smacking Noah right in the face. A wound opens spilling a small amount of blood. Noah wipes at the red coming from him and then grabs his head bump. It was getting really sore. The thing inside was struggling even harder to escape its womb. What kind of thing is in there? Could it be another hornet just like Veiny? How in the world could this have happened from just a sting? He imagined himself grabbing a red-hot poker from a fireplace and ramming it into that bump. Whatever was in there would be toast for sure. What he knew for sure was—

Veiny was on his back as Noah came out of his daydreaming. What a bad time to go off into his own world when he was currently at war with a bug. He tried grabbing at Veiny with his hands but couldn’t manage a grasp. The hornet held on tight to Noah’s back as he twisted and turned in all directions. There has never been another time in Noah’s life when he has had a bug of this size on him. The hornet nearly covered half of his back, and then an idea came to Noah. He smiles and just as Veiny wraps it’s now muscular legs around Noah’s neck he slams his back into the wall of his kitchen. Veiny let out a buzz that sounds hurt and the grasp of its legs seemed to loosen. Noah knew this would work, and just as Veiny began to wrap its legs around Noah’s neck again he slammed the hornet into the wall. Almost, but not quite yet. Veiny regains its grip, but knowing that another blow would surly knock it from Noah’s back it opens wide biting down on Noah’s left shoulder. Noah screams loud as his eyes close. The blood begins to flow and with a few twists Noah once again goes for the wall. The pain from the bite causes him to spin at an awkward angle sending his body to the floor, back first. He lands hard on top of Veiny and once again Veiny lets out another hurt buzz. Finally its grip on Noah’s back is broken. Noah rolls to the right leaving the hornet behind. They both lay there side by side injured. Noah has a bloody shoulder, a bloody cheek, and the head bump is getting close to bursting. Veiny squirms on the floor moving its legs all around. It looks like a bug about to die.

Looking over at the hornet Noah sees that it has grown to the size of a medium dog. He sees the stinger still sticking out and the vein on the side still throbbing. He was going to poke the vein, but then Veiny rose from the floor with a ravenous fury. Drool came dripping from the hornet’s mouth and something was dripping from the stinger. Could it be poison? Noah saw the danger of remaining on the floor so he attempts a kick-up. His legs go high and then back down as he tries to bounce his upper body into the air… he failed. The momentum was lost after his legs came back down and he lay there on the floor squirming. He cheeks flush red as the hornet comes in for the kill. It’s stinger thrust outward ready to impale Noah in the face. Some poison leaks onto Noah’s shirt as he rolls out of the way. The green goop begins to smoke as it eats away at his shirt. It’s almost like acid, and if it wasn’t for his quick thinking of removing the shirt he would have been burned to. He looks angry.

“That was my favorite shirt!” He points. “I’m going to rip one of your wings off and shove it down your throat.” Veiny doesn’t look to intimidated coming in again for the kill. Noah decides not to dodge this time, but to counter. He grabs Veiny by the head and squeezes hard. Struggling with twists and turns the hornet tries to free itself from the grip of Noah.

“Your not getting away this time you freak. If you want to come in here and bother me with all of your buzzing your going to pay.” He squeezes harder as a large smile encases his face. “Buzz all you want because it will be your last one,” and he twists the head of Veiny in a way that it isn’t supposed to go. The buzzing noise from the hornet seems to be one of pain. On the floor right below them some of the poison leaking from the hornets stinger is smoking away. Nearly stepping on a pile of the stuff Noah moves a bit over to the right dragging the hornet with him.

“And now your messing up my kitchen floor!” He twists the head of Veiny some more, and at this moment what he doesn’t realize is Veiny is positioning it’s stinger right toward Noah’s side.

“Time to die bug!” As Noah twists with all of his might the head of Veiny pops off with a sound that resembles stepping on a pile of insects, only ten-times louder. Instead of a buzz Veiny lets out a scream of pain that almost sounds human. The lifeless body of the hornet falls to the ground as Noah holds the head up high. He tosses it in the sink in front of him.

“I told you not to bother me, and now I can finally have peace.” He stands there looking at the severed head of Veiny in the sink when he realizes he’s tired. Turning to move toward his computer he feels a strange wet sensation on his torso. He looks down to see his whole midsection covered in blood. His pants were red and the floor below had red stains. Looking closely he sees that the hornet had punctured his side. A hole the size of an orange leaking blood all over the place.

“No this isn’t fair,” he said while holding his side with his hands. His one twisted finger decides to poke his wound in the process sending an agonizing jolt of pain up his side. “I have to contact my dad,” and so he began to make his way into the room with the computer.

He pushes the power button.

At his desk he looks down at his keyboard which now sports blood droplets that was coming from his body. It wasn’t coming from his torso hole though, no, it was coming from his head bump. The thing inside of his scalp had decided to escape during his fight with Veiny, but he had never noticed.

He looks around the room, and he doesn’t see anything. There is no noise at all. Peering back into the kitchen he looks around for anything, and once again there was nothing. Veiny’s large carcass is slain on the floor and seems to be growing even in death. Strange, and still leaking blood on everything he touches, Noah types out a message to his dad. His hands are shaky from the loss of blood and he finds it hard to type.

“Dad,” he types. “Dad I need help,” the words are coming out slow. “I need help at my place. Send for help.” He presses enter and the message is sent. Hopefully his dad hasn’t gone off to bed yet. That would be bad considering his son is now leaking his life away. He presses firmly on his side and reaches up with his other hand to feel the former bump on his head. He feels his hair which is soaked with warm blood, and he feels a small hole that goes down further then it should inside of his skull. Poking his finger in he feels something squishy.

“Is that my brain?” What else could it be Noah?


He jumps with what little energy he had left when he heard that buzz. He looks out into the kitchen to check on Veiny and sees that the hornet is still a corpse. But where did that buzz come from?


Another one, and when he heard it his eyes traveled toward the room beyond the kitchen. The same room where he had been sucking hornets up in his vacuum for a long time. He waits by his computer listening for another buzz, and he got one.


It sounds angry, and Noah begins to wonder if this buzz is coming from the thing that was born inside of his skull. What if another Veiny is in there waiting for me? The thought of another hornet to do battle with made him worry. With his blood spilling all over the place there would be no way he could defend himself. Sure he could get a few punches in, but that would be about it.


Noah felt his heart collapse into his stomach. He didn’t want to go into that room, but he knew that if he didn’t that thing in there would come for him. Sooner or later it would come for him, and with every passing second Noah becomes weaker with the loss of blood. He looks at his computer screen hoping to see a reply from his dad, but there wasn’t any. The old man has probably gone to sleep.

“Oh no,” Noah said. He peaked around the corner looking for the thing, and he sees nothing.

Looking around the room he tries to find a weapon of some sort. Anything that he could defend himself with, and he sees it once again lying on the floor. With a struggle, and blood spurting out, he bends over picking the chewed pencil up. The tip was still broken from his big foot earlier but he could still use it as a stabbing weapon. It would sink into the flesh of that hornet… but was it really a hornet? After all it was birthed inside of Noah’s head.

He slowly makes his way through the kitchen toward the room beyond. He stops before the steps listening, but heard nothing. He reaches up touching the switch, turning the light on. He saw that he had left a bloody smudge on the switch but didn’t care. He walks forward with the chewed yellow pencil out in front of him, holding it like a knife. Down below his powerful vacuum sits idle as he drips blood on it. As he looks around the room he sees nothing, but then a buzz.


Noah drops the pencil as he stands there looking on in horror. The thing that had come out of his skull was before him. It was a hornet, but much bigger then Veiny. Noah’s eyes widened as he sees this towering insect not flying, but walking toward him. A stinger the size of Noah’s leg protrudes out from the hornet, and a face that resembles a demon is filled with hate. Hate for Noah and all of his vacuum murdering.

“NO!” Screams Noah.

Turning around Noah fumbles up the small stairs leaving blood in his wake. His tired body cries out for rest, and death, as he pushes himself through his kitchen tripping over Veiny’s dead body. He lands hard on the floor smacking his head. Blood explodes out of his head-hole and a scream comes from his mouth. He pushes himself onto his back only to see the lumbering hornet standing over him.


A chime comes from the computer not far away from the chewing noises coming from the kitchen. Noah’s dad has sent him a new message. As blood splatters on the kitchen walls and the sounds of Noah’s screams going silent, the message says.

“Noah I know it’s late but I’m bringing you some food over. Your mother doesn’t want you to die of starvation.”

The End

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