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Stolen Heart

Updated on April 10, 2016

You Stole my heart Away(Lyrics by:Lionel Richie)

You stole my heart with

those first words you

spoke, you just didn’t

know it. My heart was

yours with the first

poem you wrote, I

just wasn’t ready to

tell you. You stole my

very heart and soul,

you just never knew it.

The moment I first saw

you in person outside

of the store where we

officially met, I knew

then that my heart

would forever be yours.

I just didn’t know that

you felt the same way

as I did, nor did I

realize that what I

felt was actually

something real and

not just us and my

imagination. So, you

see you’ve really had

my heart all along

you just never knew.

Te amo mi corazon,

mi vida, la rey

de mi suenos. Te

amo con todo mi

alma para ahora,

manana, y siempre.


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