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Be a man

Updated on September 11, 2015

My father was the pillar of my life, he taught me so many things and was always there to make sure that i did the right thing, he was caring and supportive but above all wanted me to be independent, there were times he would send me on a difficult task and what he expected from me was to get things done and exactly how he wanted it. He was a disciplinarian and never withheld the rod, sent me to the best school and at the right time, showed me the door to fend for myself and that was when i realized what it takes to be a man...

A stitch in time saves nine
It is not easy to be a man
But the walk to freedom begins with a step
I learned many things from my pa

He taught me from the scratch
When my life was beginning
Pa was there setting the foundation
Because the road ahead was rough

Pa taught me right from wrong
He made provision for all my needs
Right from day one he stood by me
He never left me on my own

But i knew that one day i will be on my own
To strive to be somebody
I knew that i will be a man
But never understood what pa said about adversity

Adversity destroys a man and same adversity qualifies a man
It is not easy to be a man
One must learn from mistakes
So many scary things out there in the world

God fearing people and evil doers
There are so many kinds of people to come across
The friends you keep tells who you are
I was never a lost soul

The journey to manhood is full of ups and downs
Only one with God gets to the finish line
For every moment that i broke
And every situation that i grieved

He was my stumbling block
Although it is not easy yet i am grateful for all he taught me
Because today i am a better man
I am like an eagle with strong wings and not a chicken

I am ready to explore anything
Because my God is by my side
It is not easy to be a man but here i am telling my story
Because i lived as he directed.

Having lived as he wanted and the desire to be a real man, i came to terms with what pa once told when i fell from the bike and broke my ankle, the pain was unbearable for a ward of my age, i couldn't hold back tears and all i wanted was for him to stretch his hand and pull me up but instead he looked at me and said these words that has always lingered in me

"Stop crying; be a man."

My pa always took spent time with me more than he did with every other person so how often do you spend time with your boy(s)? Teach them how to be a man from as young as six.


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