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Stop waking up!

Updated on January 20, 2013

Do you ever have this problem?

I went on my lunch break at work. I parked in front of Burger Street. Apparently there was one on Frankford at the Tollway. I don't recall eating, however something happened, and I don't recall exactly what happened, because the next thing I know I'm awake alone in a dark scary place on the side of the freeway. without my car and with only a wheeled office chair. I was near a small strip mall or shopping center.

I didn't recognize the street names, which were all centered around mexican culture. I did see a freeway which read "Lyndon B. Johnson". I was somewhat relieved when I saw what I thought was Valley View Mall. It must have been Valley View Mall, as there were several tall buildings that looked like the Galleria just to the west of it. I crossed the street and saw a remote controlled car get crushed by a pickup truck. Then I went over to the mall, which had some major construction. I looked to the skyline, and one of the buildings at the Galleria toppled over. There was no smoke, no earth-shattering BOOM. There was only a muffled *thud*. I thought to myself. "Something is not right here". I decided it was a dream and laid down in the construction yard so I could wake up.

I awoke. It was a dream. I looked outside my window and saw stormy clouds; the rain beating down upon the street. But something was wrong. My car was not parked where I left it. Instead parked there was a large black truck and several black vans. The clock said it was now 10:05am, which can't be right because I went back to sleep at 10:15am. I laid my head down again.

I awoke. It was a dream. The time was now 11:45am. I looked outside my window. I didn't see my car there, however I didn't see any other cars as well. The street was now a much more compact street only for walking. I decided that this was getting a little ridiculous and wanted to really wake up.

I awoke. It was a dream. The time was still 11:45am, however the street looked normal, and my car was in its proper place. I decided to get up and have breakfast. Am I dreaming now? Possibly.



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    • johndnathan profile image

      John D Nathan 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas. USA

      Thanks. This was based on a dream I had where I kept thinking I was waking up, but not really waking up. Then again, since I exist so much in my head, I sometimes feel like I'm not sure if I'm awake or asleep, as they do have a tendency to blend into one another.

    • calyxxx profile image

      calyxxx 5 years ago from Slovenia

      Cool:) a bit freaky, but really cool:)