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Storm Front : An Amazingly Wonderful Supernatural Hard Boiled Detective Tale

Updated on June 28, 2019

The Dresden Files - Storm Front By Jim Butcher

So this time around the book is Storm Front. It is the first book in the Dresden Files series. It was something I had to investigate into. Over the past few years I noticed its popular in book clubs and have been compared to it’s writing style with some of my own work in writing communities. So after about the sixth review I got with the words saying, “It reminds me of the Dresden Files,” I searched and found an old battered book of the tenth novel, read it, and thought it was fair. But then my brother got me the first one called Storm Front for Christmas. I am now finally have a fresh start with the series. So here is my review.

So what is it about? Its about Harry Dresden. He is a modern day wizard who runs a small agency where he can use his powers to help find missing persons to help police investigations and what not. Harry overall is just a normal thirty something guy. He has no pointy hat and no resemblance to Gandalf in the least. The only thing that might make him stand out is the magic proof duster he wears occasionally. And like most of us, he’s has financial problems due to slow business. Then all of a sudden everything hits him at once. He is hired by a woman to track down her missing husband who she claims has been dabbling in the black arts. Also the police hire him as a consultant on a strange supernatural murder case where a known mobster and a prostitute had their rib cage nearly turned inside out. This is a start of a mystery that will spiral out of control leading to encounters with other witches, demons, entanglement with mobsters and the vampires in charge of the prostitution ring. Also a new illegal drug is on the market called The Third Eye, which is a brew junkies are getting both high and psychic on. The book is a very wild ride.

So the good and bad? Let’s start with the good. Well everything is good just about. It’s fun, exciting, and well paced. The character of Dresden may seem silly at first but he grows on you and by the end of the story you'll love him. I mean its hard not to. He’s just such a sweet fun character. The story will keep you guessing to the end. The action and detail is down right amazing. And did I mention the imagination is wonderful as well? The world created in the book is able to stand its own from a Kim Harrison and Laurell K Hamilton world which is astonishing in its right. It also is world that you would want to take multiple adventures in well after the book is finished.

The bad? Not much to say since the book is near perfect. The magic took a bit of time to explain itself and also surprisingly uses some physics to explain Dresden’s magic decisions which is very appreciated. And also the wisecracks Dresden spits out, seem to range from good to decent. There are a couple of them that are down right awful. I mean some are so corny it distracts me form the story a bit. But beyond that, there is also lacking detail of the white council that govern the laws of the wizarding and supernatural world.

So overall the book is perfect. Its a wonderful hard boiled supernatural mystery that ranks up there with the best Anita Blake novels, yet not as dark in some ways. Its a must read and I recommend it to everyone. This book is absolutely fantastic.

4 smoothies out of four.

Overall Rating: A amazingly wonderful supernatural hard boiled detective tale.

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