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Strands of Blonde

Updated on November 9, 2016

Strands of flaxen, as the songs of yesterday play under her daylight against animations, untold! Ah, my next breath has been pilfered as he sings over the gale of commonplace dreamers! Dancing over and beyond the symphonies of many; for here, at this moment, hands elevated toward all hearts, she learns freedom and takes this indistinguishable, heartfelt language within an unadulterated temperament! It was ours to bargain and ours to grab underneath the breath of next week’s note! Smiles and talent which could last for all eternity under this light; for spirituality tracks unrestricted here! Strand of blonde soaring tall and my banner is met! I will never return home, for inside this crowd, I catch refuge! My salvation has been redeemed, only as the blonde strands mount onward without limitation branded! She is unrestricted and I have found once again, residence!


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