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The evil side of Camelot - a poem of change

Updated on November 26, 2013

This is an imaginary story about a nun who takes the gospel into the darkest streets of her city. She boldly enters the heart of gang territory with nothing but her faith, her Bible and the power of God. The verses in italic are the thoughts of the gang leader as he watches her enter his territory.

This story is also what I wanted my story to be. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to be like this woman. I didn't want to be a nun, but she does what I wanted to do for God. I have come to believe that he has another battle for me to fight and this will never be who I become.

But somewhere out there is someone else, who fills the shoes that aren't for me. And if that person ever stumbles across my poem, I hope it encourages them and reminds them that they are not alone.


She walked the streets of Camelot

Darkness all around

King Arthur may sit at his table

But here is where evil is found

. . . I stood across the street

. . . Finger on the trigger

. . . Waiting to see

. . . Who challenges me?

The eyes in the shadows were watching her

Lying in wait to ensnare

They wondered what she was doing here

Daring to breathe their fowl air


A light seemed to shine all around her

The darkness was somewhat confused

She felt their uneasiness of her

It made her feel slightly amused

. . . Her boldness surprised me

. . . Her courage was rare

. . . Her audacity bought her

. . . More time to live

To enter this world uninvited

Where evil has the last word

Is something that few would consider

Survival rarely occurred


But here she came unafraid and unarmed

And from what they could tell, all alone

They couldn't see the angels around her

Warriors protecting their own

. . . She made me curious

. . . I wanted to see

. . . Why was she here

. . .And what did she know

They knew she was different from all of them

There was something they didn’t understand

The love that she brought was a weapon

The Bible, a sword in her hand


As she spoke the very ground trembled

Their walls all came crashing down

They felt so exposed and so vulnerable

They fell, their face to the ground

. . . What’s happening to me

. . . Am I weak? Am I strong?

. . .She’s turning my world upside down

They rattled the chains of their agony

The sins that enslaved them all

They knew they were trapped by their choices

They had come so far down in their fall


But her eyes looked on with compassion

Her smile promised them hope

Her words rung with truth and conviction

Their doubts blew away just like smoke

. . . My eyes were open

. . . My guilt, my shame

. . . Could she really set me free?

She set up her table before them

And fed them all from the Word

She quenched their thirst with the Spirit

It was the best thing that they’d ever heard


Now Christ lives within all of them

And darkness has had to flee

Now you can walk down these streets unafraid

. Because of the change in me


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    • profile image

      newenglandsun 4 years ago

      I'm half of Moses's age when he left Egypt for Midian. I had a pastor that told us to read the Bible as well but it was when I started thinking more seriously on some of the issues that I decided to really study it. It was at this point that I guess I became a "heretic" in that I really couldn't acknowledge many things they believed. It was at this point I figured that I should just stop trying and gave up.

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 4 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Newengland! I am as old as Moses was when he fled Egypt to live in Midian. :)

      I gave my heart to Jesus in preschool. When I became a teenager and was trying to decide what to do with my life, I told God I would do whatever he wanted. As is typical with teens, I became hard hearted and cold. I enjoyed manipulating people and found it easy to do. God convicted me and I saw the dangers of where my life was heading. When I realized this was not what he wanted from me, I asked him to change me. And he did. In high school I was fortunate enough to have a youth pastor who taught us how to study the bible on our own and encouraged us to get to know God in a more personal way. God had always been an active part of my life and I wanted to know everything I could about him. I started taking the Bible classes that the local college offered to high school students for free. My whole life has been about getting to know God better and choosing to do what he wants me to do instead of what I would want. (Although sometimes I have put my foot down and insisted on my own way. Then I find out the hard way why his plan was better)

      I guess thats the long way to say that although I came to faith as a child, I see it as an ongoing commitment to allowing him to be Lord of my life. My faith is growing continually.

    • profile image

      newenglandsun 4 years ago

      Sorry, this is like so nosy of me but I was curious.

      How old are you and how did you come to faith in God?

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 4 years ago from Arizona

      hi newengland! Thank you for reading my poem. The girl in the story is the catalyst or tool for the change. Through the Bible, she introduces the gang members to God, who changes their lives.

      When I was getting ready to get married, I remember telling someone that I was thankful to the friend who introduced my husband and I for changing my life. This is the perspective reflected in my story.

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 4 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Isaac, I am glad you liked my poem. It was fun to write.

    • profile image

      newenglandsun 4 years ago

      It was a beautiful poem but I must ask as to how the Bible/the individual reading it to the people can be the source of all this change if it can be interpreted in so many ways.

    • Isaac White profile image

      TDM 4 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      what a twist, loved the poem, very impressive.

      I. White