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Stress Discussion

Updated on June 15, 2016
  • List one area in your life that is currently in balance. What actions do you take to maintain this balance?

Honestly, the part of my life that is the most in balance at the moment is my personal life. I am newly married as of October 31st and completely and totally happy with my new husband. He means everything to me. He keeps me balanced and is always there for me to talk to when I am upset.

  • List one area in your life that is currently out of balance. Briefly, explain why you feel this area is out of balance, and select a strategy you will use to restore this balance.

The only part of my life that is out of balance is the fact that my family does not have a place of our own. We are living with my family and it can be a bit stressful at times because there are nine people living in the home where we are. With being newly married and wanted our own space it makes things a bit difficult sometimes for us because at times the house feels a bit crowded around us.

  • Explain how stress can result from not having balance in one’s life and describe at least two ways that will help minimize the stress.

Stress can result from being unbalanced in your life. It becomes easy to feel stressed when things are not going the way you want or need them to. When you feel as if you are stuck in a rut it makes you feel as if everything is difficult. Two ways to minimize stress, however, is to not worry so much about the things that you cannot control and to not try to force the things that just are not able to happen right at the moment that you want them to.


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