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Updated on January 12, 2019

Chapter 1

Let me take you dear reader to a journey behind the curtains. What is there behind the curtains? If you try and peek, you’ll see Strings.

A butterfly flap in australia causes a typhoon in the east coast of the united states. Each action has consequences. We are all connected. We influence each other.

It’s like we have a history tab just like web browsers, the only difference is that we can’t delete any of it.You reading this story is causing something in this vast universe.

Chapter 2

George 1934

George is poor man, he had a small family of his wife and his young son. George was a very hard worker and loved his son very much, although he barely sees him as he is always working to feed his son, he fed his family meat once a year or not at all.

Although, George was very poor and worked very hard, he was always optimistic about life and always dreamed of living in a mansion someday.

George worked under a man called John, Npw john was the exact opposite of George, he hated everything but money, John was extremely stingy that his family lived in a poor house despite the millions in his pocket and bank. John had farms and had hundreds of workers working under him. His business was the best in town, but no one knew his wicked secret, he used to bring workers from outside of town and give the a contract saying that he would pay them monthly, or even yearly, and before the period ends, he fires the worker for some reason he comes up with and would refuse to pay them.

Now george was his favourite, for several reasons, he lived nearby, he was never late, he never asks about money, and unfortunately for him he wasn't really normal, and by that I mean he had some mental issues and couldn't walk well, now he was his favourite because he couldn't say a word about John because nobody would offer him a job and John needed a man like that who couldn't talk, voluntarily or by force. For that, George was the manager. Now the new workers came in very enthusiastic for they thought they would be paid well because George was a wealthy man and we're hoping for a raise or his favoirism, so they worked very hard in the beginning and George would get his work done and his money in then they were fired without getting paid.

That said, nothing goes unaccounted for, it is all goes in the book.

Years went by, George got richer, John's son got older, and went to medical school, money got in and got out just as fast, they ate dry bread and salt for most of their days, and when they didn’t have hard as rock bread with some grains of salt you could barely taste, they had nothing. George and his wife went through hard times, sacrificing their health, themselves and what they have of wealth for John.

George worked overtime multiple time a week, and sometime John will pay him the regular amount, so george kept a book with records of every overtime hour he worked that wasn’t paid and kept it in his house.

This was his defense plan, if he ever got fired he planned on giving it to the court someday.

One day, when he came back home he saw his son laying in bed and wasn’t in his medical school he asked his wife for the reason and she said that he has a high and bad fever, George went and looked for every penny he has stashed in his house to buy some medicine for his son, and went running to the pharmacy and asked for a medicine for high fevers, the pharmacist asked if he could visit his son as a virus is spreading in town and that he’s afraid he had caught the virus working his shift in the hospital as a trainee.

The pharmacist visited his son and determined that he is in fact sick with that virus and that the medicine is very expensive and rare and that the success rate of the medicine is quite low.

George stood there for a second and considered his options and then asked if he could survive the virus by his own, the doctor said that it’s near impossible, and he recommended not going for that option, The doctor did not ask for money, for he has seen their house and determined that they are in fact in need, and give them a paper written on it,

From Doctor Habib, if this paper is given please give the medicine for free.

George went down to the pharmacy to grab the medicine with the paper in his hand, when he saw John his boss going there as he needed a medicine, he asked George for why he was there and he told him that he needed the money to buy the medicine and that the doctor gave him this paper to get it for a discounted price for he couldn’t afford it, John looked at him in a pity as like he has never felt that way ever in his life, so he took the paper and bought the medicine for John and handed him the medicine, George felt very happy as John gave him the medicine and he got it for free and as soon as he grabbed it John pulled his hand and said in sinister way, you don’t deserve this as much as me, I have a small cough, If you haven’t worked so sloppy for the past week i would’ve given you the medicine, George stood there in shock, and started to tear up and went back home, stood there for a second and then went running to the hospital and stood at the counter crying and saying in his *** voice i need a medicine or the money to buy the medicine, the staff said that they couldn’t give the medicine without a perscription, and the only thing they could help with is if he donated some blood and they would pay him back in cash so he could pay for the medicine… after a deep thought, he sunk indeep within inhimself, his eyes went pitch black sadness and his voice changed and said go on, please i need the money.

He went into a room, the nurse entered with some papers in her hand and asked him to sign it, the papers said that this is on his own free will and that donating blood does not give you an excuse to not go to work and that it may have a toll on his body and if that happens the hospital will not be held accountable for it. He signed the papers, sat on the chair and went to deep sleep as he was having his blood sucked out of his veins. He woke up to his wife's voice shouting, he okay now, he's good and his son entered the room and hugged his father saying mr george, then he woke up to the nurse saying mr george youre done. it was a dream.

Days after the blood donation, George got a severe fever and was working and doing hard labor as his boss wasn’t letting him having rest and was running after him for “slacking” on top of him stealing the medicine. Although he was very sick and tired he was happy for making that couple of dollars to buy the medicine for his son, as it stabilized him and he was starting to feel well. Exactly a week after his son went back to medicine school and was telling his father to stay at home and have some rest and that his boss wasn’t going to do anything but George was too afraid of his boss and went to work, and on Sunday, a man knocked the door with a pale face, and a deep sad tone, with black eyes filled with sadness, his son left his book on the table and opened the door next to him when the man said, i am sorry to inform you that your father passed away 30minutes ago from a severe fever and is now in the hospital. His son went to the hospital running looking for his father he went straight to the morgue to look for his father and started pushing the guards and doctors “Let ME SEE HIM” for the first time, The son hugged his dad since as long as he could remember, he promised he would be the best and wouldn’t let him down and that he would work twice as hard. There he kissed his forehead and said his prayers. And that was a new page for the young man, fulled with ambition and hatred towards his father’s boss.

Chapter 3

A man was walking down the street, coming from a restaurant with a few dollars as change from the 20 dollar bill he gave the restaurant, 7 dollars to be exact, he saw a homeless man with a paper saying that he need 7 dollars to buy food and medicine, The man felt sorry for the man and walked towards the man to give him the money when a man wearing a suit held his hand and pulled him towards himself, and whispered in his ears, The man’s expressions changed and turned red as if he was angry, and left the place, The man in the suit sat there for hours daily not allowing the man to get donations from people on the street, then left for a couple of hours , sometimes the man had someone running towards him whisper to him and they both run towards a huge building. That was the man’s routine, and that’t how he lived.

He whispered in people’s ears, he is the *******Insert good evil nickname here*******

And people would avoid him, this continued for months until nobody gave him a penny as everyone knew who he was.

Chapter 4

A man recieved an urgent call from his wife she said she needed a medicine from the country he was in, she stated that she met a good pharmacist that recommended this medicine. he picked up his wallet and saw that he had 19 dollars but the medicine was 26$ in the name of Doctor Juha, he started looking in his jacket and luckily seven in one fold inside the jacket’s inside pocket, luckily he bought the item and went to the airport to catch his plane. He said that the pharmacist was a person who helped him and swore he would help the next person that would ask him for help, whatever it was. That way he would repay him in some way.

Chapter 5

A family of four consisting of a mother and three children. living in a far country from their father, so they decided to work all four of them and save enough money to go live with their father and help him their, as soon as they boarded the plane, they heard their neighbours on the plane talking about how they were not allowed to enter the country because they were afghans and their friends who were indians weren’t allowed too, especially if they don’t have a job there, so the family sat stressed and chatting about how everything is going to be fine and that they were going to go see their father after all this time. When they reached their destination a man came by and asked if he could help as he overheard them when they were talking in the plane and said that he was an ambassador and he could help them enter the country without any problems. The family happily went on with the man and met their beloved father and husband that hasn’t been there for so long.

The man in the suit telling the people to stay away from the beggar was actually George’s son after becoming a doctor thus explaining the sudden calls from the hospital and he rushed inside to help with the people, and the man begging on the street was actually George’s boss after being held accoutable for fraud and had his business confiscated from him hence losing his money, The man that was going to give the change to the beggar needed that money later to save his family because George’s son convinced him to keep his money to himself after knowing who the beggar was, Then he swore that he would help the next person who would ask for or need help thus helping the family to meet and rendevous with their father after a very long time.

These short pages of the people who were in this story are all connected together someway, if John would have given the money to george he wouldn’t have died and his son wouldn’t have reached where he reached, John’s went bankrupt after everyone found out about his unspeakable actions towards his employees and George, And if it weren’t for George’s son, the ambassador would have given the money to an unworthy man and wouldn’t have bought the medicine, and the family he helped was actually the pharmacist’s family who helped his wife get her hands on the medicine.

Everyone is connected buy a string, you, me and everyone. Everything you do has an effect.

This story comes from the six degree seperation idea. Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps


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