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Strizarius and Afronicias

Updated on May 6, 2017

Stankalanker drives to the South Pole

in his Monster Truck. He discovers 2 polar bears. A Topaz Polar Bear and an Amethyst Polar Bear. He trains them as Spy Pets.

White Starperson is involved with Nubianna. Stockholm Syndrome. They have a baby boy. They name him Knubi Knight. They also have a baby girl. They name her Whitestar Dame. White Starperson and Nubianna have a wedding in the Topaz Castle.

Whitestar Dame grows up. She is now 18 years old. She marries Stankalanker. They have an underwater wedding. Stankalanker and Whitestar Dame have twin boys. They name them Whitestar Lank and Knubi Lank.

White Starperson and Nubianna celebrate their anniversary.

Wago Knight and Benaiah

Knighterrant get married. They have a beach wedding. They receive a ton of gifts. They have twin girls. They name them Leesa Dame and Lorana Dame.

Leesa Dame grows up. She is now 18 years old. She marries C.K. They are a very famous couple. They are known worldwide. Many media outlets cover their wedding. It is a very expensive wedding. They have a baby girl. They name her Kricket Dame. They also have a baby boy. They name him C.K. Knight.

Wago Knight is at least 58 years old. He is a Space Aztec. He fights against evil. He is married to Benaiah Knight.

One of his daughters

is still at home. Her name is Lorana Dame. Wago has awesome defensive skills. He is Sophdual's brother. He is extremely strong and powerful. He's also very confident. He's an expert at counterattack. He fights in philly shell. He loves to visit Moon Carnivals. Sometimes he has a bad attitude. He can be grouchy. He doesn't like to listen to a whole lot of advice. He's usually plotting or planning something. He's always way ahead of his enemies. He seems to be keeping certain valuable secrets to himself. He likes money. He's kind of gloomy at times. He is highly intelligent.

10 years pass by.

Knubi Knight and Lorana Dame get married. They get married in Nevada. It is in a casino.

10 years pass by.

Knubi Knight and Lorana Dame have triplets. Their girl is named Lourubi Dame. A boy is named Knorris Knight. Another boy is named Kolde Knight.

Lourubi Dame grows up. She is now 18 years old. She marries Wrest P. They hold their wedding in the air at House of Doves.

Wago Knight and Benaiah Knight celebrate their anniversary.

White Starperson is Given His Shield

Benaiah gives White Starperson his shield.

The year is 2015. December.

White Starperson is very supportive of his Team.

He wants to see Xandriana's

empire crushed. White Starperson learns how to enter Nubianna's mind and tell her what to do. She is under his suggestion. White Starperson is continuing his development. He is now a teacher with his own classroom. White Starperson lets go of himself. White Starperson is given power to survive.

The September 14, 2015 Scroll is presented. The eternal clash takes place. Two games of space chess are being played. White Starperson vs. Xandriana.

House of Topaz has a great deal of wealth. White Starperson has a nice amount of money. He is a teacher. It is his blessed duty to teach his students.

He will train them in the way

of the Holy Bible.

Wago finds his perfect woman. He is glad to be married to her. White Starperson's energy is increasing. His life force is invigorated. His Style is improving. We are now in the White Starperson Era of Career.


The year is 2015. December.


Instant transmission is a very valuable thing. To be in one place such as House of Insiders. Then, to think, to imagine, to only blink, and instantaneously to be in a totally different place such as House of Topaz. Wago is one of the few who has mastered this psychological technique. Wago knows that White Starperson has figured out many of the pieces but not all of them.

Gold Dragon is a demon.

Gold Dragon eats the dead bodies of human beings. Gold Dragon doesn't use batteries or electricity. Human corpses fuel him. Human corpses give him energy.

Wago gives 300,000 shekels to White Starperson to help him form his Team of Topaz Knights. Wago is quite impressed with the Team White Starperson has formed.

White Starperson's Team voted

on who should be the Leader. The vote took 2 weeks. White Starperson was chosen to remain the Leader. Wago gives another 200,000 shekels to White Starperson.

Xandriana and her Clones send many citizens to Sorcerer Camps.

The year is 2015. December.

White Starperson learns how to mentally overpower millions of humans.

Classy Clad's Realization

Classy Clad realizes that he's been wasting his time chasing those Beasts away. Sure, he's been doing it to protect his gorgeous wife. However, what about his Christian mission? He's also realized that he's been too obsessed with the boom boom. He must calm his horses and slow down his libido. He must psychologically and philosophically tame his desire.

"Okay, now I must reset. I must work on getting my Bachelor's in Reso Froth. Only thing is, I didn't finish high school. I quit when I was in the 12th grade to go to work. I have a lot of money, though. It's just I'm tired of working at the Plant. I wanna do something else. I may want to be a B movie actor."


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