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Stuck In Metaphoria

Updated on August 29, 2012

psychedelic euphoric poetic metaphor-ic

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Something I just noticed about myself...

Poetry makes Mythbuster drop words (lose vocabulary function), lose time, forget language...

Strange... like a euphoria over metaphor content and concepts.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Although I often "get it" on a certain level, when I read poetry, my mind is transported somewhere else on levels of consideration that require out of the box thinking... I suppose what happens when I try and come back to comment on a poetic content hub is that my mind hasn't yet gotten back in the box, so-to-speak...

Trippy Metaphor Trip

I'll show you what I mean or will try to explain... here's a poem I found by an author who has a blog online and allows people to use his poems:

A Lover's Fling

Night comes to the meadow.
Two lovers entwined in the shadows.
A soft rain begins.
Bringing tingles to the skin.
The air is fresh.
Lovers fest.
A night bird sings.
Bells in the heart ring.
A lover's fling.
Sweet love is the cream.

- Written by: Lamar Cole

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

A Lover's Fling by Lamar Cole

Now here's a mythbuster's-mind-view of this poem:

First line: Night comes to the meadow.

MB Mind-View: thinking of images here... meadow, in the darkness, probably moon-light so I can see a lot of details in the meadow, grasses wavering rhythmically...on to the next line

Line: Two lovers entwined in the shadows

MB Mind-View: entwined brings to mind the idea of "complimentary" and "fitted close together" and this, to me, compliments grasses from the meadow, bending in unision, so the lovers will, therefore, also be in the shadows - moonlight enhancing the contrast between lighted areas and dark shadows... MB doesn't need much to go on for dramatic imagery in the mind...on to the next line

Line: A soft rain begins

MB Mind-View: Ah...excellent - one of my favourite things - rain... one of the best combinations of things, rain and moonlight/shadows, so my imagined vision of the scenario here has just progressed, sort of layered like adding paint on paint or if this were an orchestra, adding instruments...line by line... night-meadow plus shadows plus rain...on to the next line

Line: Bringing tingles to the skin

MB Mind-View...tingles evokes physical sensation... so far, a space (meadow), a visual (shadows), an audio (instruments...sound of rain) and now a physical sensation...tingles. A lot of imagery, audio-prompts and sensations going on here, huh? In all these details, the two lovers are mingled in, just as a floating concept, lightly bouncing off the flowing of human senses...on to the next line

Line: The air is fresh

MB Mind-View - Sensation count is close to complete... fresh is associated with breath and air, so smell comes to mind... a space, a visual, an audio (two lovers somewhere in here), a physical sensation and now smell of freshness... turning back on the suggestion of rain, so what is projected here from earlier real memories is the smell of earthiness, crispness of rain in the district where I live - a smell I really like...and as I look at the stanza above, I realize I am almost overwhelmed with progression of senses and am in the middle of the poem, so I break here for a moment to collect my thoughts, sensations...realizing that in "the air is fresh", combined with everything else, there is a possible spiritual reference either created by me or intended by the author's careful construction of layering suggestions to the human senses, one by one in the poem, line by line...on to the next line

Line: Lovers fest.

MB Mind-View: Well thank goodness those lovers finally showed back up again in a line of their own 'cos my mind was delegating them off to just some wispy unreal associated near-entities with no substance while the space, visuals, audio, physical and possible spiritual elements I assumed were present in this poem were completely taking over...

And at this time, because other sensations are already sparked, my mind more open to concepts, inflections and variations in things, the lovers seem more real, sweeter, more entwined, connected intimately with the space, visual, audio, physical, etc... it's lovers "fest" a celebration of love...on to the next line

Line: A night bird sings

MB Mind-View: a bird of the night, invisible by day, belonging in this shadowy, entwined lover space... the bird singing, adding a more concrete audio to be perceived in all of this...on to the next line

Line: Bells in the heart ring

MB Mind-View: bells...ring - more audio, the author is favouring audio projections and concepts here, easy for readers to "flow with," and the mention of "heart" keeps the mind on the, the entwined elements here...on to the next line

Line: A lover's fling

MB Mind-View: definite attention on the lovers now...almost a jolt BACK to focus on the lovers who have actually been here all the time, just not as the focal point of attention in the poem... a fling brings to mind definite intimate relations so the author probably wants the reader to assume a definite intercourse has or is taking place...amongst all the sense-details and "feel good" concepts thus far and continually displayed in the poem...if this line is about reference to sex, there is nothing, at this point, astonishing, shocking or improper here - only a fling, a pairing, mingling of two lovers "in the heart," surrounded by the audo of the bell, rain, bird - in the shadows, (bird hidden/invisible by day - lovers hidden in the shadows), fresh air, scent of rain, "Bringing tingles to the skin," entwined lovers in the meadow, grasses swaying, lovers swaying...on to the next line

Line (last): Sweet love is the cream

MB Mind-View: all lines, concepts, sensations culminating into "sweet," sweetness - love, and likely an obvious reference to the results of love-making - cream - but with no bad connotations. All in all, there is nothing but feel-good stuff here, and moreso - sweet lover entwined connections

Poetry reading - Metephors by Sylvia Plath

So if this were "YOUR" poem...

If the poem presented here were YOUR poem built into a hub - and after a little trip into the MB Mind-View - you can probably now understand why I leave the most LAME comments on poetry hubs...

I think my mind is caught up in metaphors plus euphoria (METAPHORIA) of imagery and sense information and I cannot think rationally for quite a while after giving DUE ATTENTION to poetry on hubpages... Believe me - I am "getting it." Just stuck in metaphoria and unable to connect my feelings back to the usual vocabulary that I use... (if I were allowed a preference and particular behavior, I would SPEAK POETRY all the time but someone would put me in the loony bin lol)...And I rarely skim over poetry on HP. If I end up on your poetry hub(s) I am generally on them for a while. I usually also never even bother to TRY to comment until about the third visit to your hub.

So if you ARE one of those who display a lot of poetry on your hubs and I do stop by, please forgive if I leave a comment such as:

"Just stopped by to let you know I'm reading"


"Wow...still thinking about this one"


"Nice...let me get back to you on this"

I am not trying to be a jerk and just slam down short comments and dash around to dozens of hubs and do the same... I am REALLY READING and spending time on your hubs!

I'm just trying to recover from metaphoria!


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    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      savanahi, thanks for the encouraging words. I'm glad you liked the hub.

    • savanahl profile image

      savanahl 6 years ago

      Though you say you leave lame comments on poetry hubs your analyzation and understanding of poetry far exceeds most people. Very nicely done.

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Heck (nobody?) it confuses me sometimes, so why not others? lol

    • profile image

       7 years ago

      Interesting perspective - and definitely out-of-the-box! Good internal transportation between the brain's hemispheres is helpful, though it can confuse others at times. hehe

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Hi Paige Masters, thanks for stopping by, reading and adding comments. I get stuck in right-brain, too, when I read Blake's poems and articles. It takes me several minutes to sort of re-connect and get back to language/words that make sense!

    • Paige Masters profile image

      Paige Masters 7 years ago

      I do know what you mean, Mythbuster. When I read poetry my right hemisphere is firing like crazy and I'm flooded with images and feelings. Or, I'm busy trying to put myself into the mind of the author. Basically, there's some sort of disconnect that occurs when I try to comment on a poem I've just read. If I come back later, after it's settled a bit, it's easier for me to find the words. I love that you wrote this since this just happened to mean when I read one of Blake's poems.

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Nice Joke, Mickey Dee.

      Poetvix... Yeah, every poem hits me like this lol Haikus are particularly time-consuming pieces for me, even if only 3 lines lol

      lorlie6 - I think, actually, the word I used is in use already but for something related to movies???

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      Have you contacted Webster yet? ;)

    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 7 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      Wow! You sure put a lot of thought into this poem... I mean consider the amount of text you typed your thoughts into compared to the amount of text actually contained in the poem... really kewl seeing how your mind works. Thanks for a look at how someone else understands a poem.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      I asked God, "What's a metaphor, God?" God said, "Whatever you want it phor!" God has such a wonderful sense of humor.

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      IdeaMorphist - love your name... thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting. Glad you made it back out alive after a little trip through my mind lol

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Shalini Kagal, I'm glad you enjoyed my mind's meandering... wow even that is poetic... nice!

      Mentalist acer... I think the poet has placed a lot more symbolic sexual references in this short poem than I have covered - including what you say about nightbird mimicking love-making sounds but I was unsure about how far to explicate or convey what I know of symbolism here (due to the Big G filters).

    • IdeaMorphist profile image

      IdeaMorphist 7 years ago from Chicagoland

      So well said! I adore your description of how you see it in your head from reading thru. Glad my poem was also able to bring you there :)

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      The nightbird sings alludes to,in my mind,the repretior of the sounds of lovemaking,primarily female,but read by a female would percieve entwine and nightbird song as mutual sounds of the event;)

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

      Metaphoria? Love it! Thank you for walking us through your mind's meandering!