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Buying Online Assignments Plus and Minus

Updated on December 28, 2016
Buying online assignments is short-changing yourself because when you get a job, the boss will expect you to prepare your own presentations.
Buying online assignments is short-changing yourself because when you get a job, the boss will expect you to prepare your own presentations. | Source

September 2015, students enter college gates for the first time. Some of them do not have a good command of the language used by the university, others do but they will buy assignments online for a variety of reasons.

Is this real education? It is, because colleges know about it. If you decide that you will buy assignments online for whatever reason, make sure that you learn from them.

Students Cannot Understand Teaching Staff

He is such a lousy prof. Teachers and professors do not let the accusation frazzle them because it is an occupational hazard.

It is almost impossible for students to learn anything if they already have a negative attitude towards teaching staff. The internet complicates matters because students might know more than professors.

Some teachers might be brilliant and have a passion for their subject but are not gifted in transferring that knowledge to the next person.

That is why in some countries, teachers cannot enter the classroom unless they went to a recognised teacher training college to learn what is called the teaching method.

Online writers can fill that void and that can only happen if you review the e-mail attachment from the writing service and see how they tackle comprehension and writing problems.

Students Part Time Jobs

High school and college students brewing a latte at Starbucks or toasting bagels at Tim Hortons, are the reason why some of them buy online assignments and submit them as their own.

They need the extra money as a top-up to scholarships or their parents’ savings, but part time jobs swipe time off their academic work.

Store bought online essays and term papers hurt students in the long run because they graduated on false pretences but, it does not have to be that way.

If you have to take that option, read the online assignment before you submit it and also read it for the second time if you get an A or the professor mentions it in class.

It means that the online writer assigned to your essay knows his stuff and is also a methodical writer. Learn something from him.

Reasons for Buying Academic Papers

It is presumptuous to say students get part time jobs because of dire economic needs. There are numerous reasons.

  • They would rather be in Monaco training to be Formula 1 drivers or pick grapes in Stellenbosch, but they cannot because of the family tradition of attending a particular college or university. That is why they do not attend classes regularly and end up buying online assignments.

  • First year students might be in transition. They attend classes religiously but do not understand professors’ accents and how to write college essays. Citation styles such as APA, Chicago or MLA, drive them nuts and these are some of the reasons they resort to online essays.

  • Some students go to college to party, explore boys and girls and enjoy a curfew free life. .

  • Some want to buy a car to make it easier to navigate between temporary jobs and classes.

  • Students who attended high school in the United Kingdom and other countries with school uniforms have a ball wearing what they want on campus. They might go crazy and become fashion billboards, neglecting books and buy online papers.

  • Others attend university to hook up with other hackers who find the internet an exciting box of Smarties, they should crack with their computer skills.

  • Although it is not advisable, some students just hate certain professors. Somehow, you took Chemistry because you expected your professor to look or dress in a certain way. You might even have expected a man, and a female shows up.

  • Just live with it. They are there to offer a service and the best route is to listen and pass with premium marks, after all, you are paying tuition fees.

Online Writing Agencies Limitations

Online writing agencies cannot perform miracles. You take out what you put in. Give them as much information as possible they can relay to their writers. Crossed communication lines sometimes create bad blood between students and online writing services.

Know your course or subject. It might be easier to write about the different humidity levels in the African, Brazilian and Indian rainforests than a critique of Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved. Literature assignments want you to read books before you critique them.

You will reject two or three papers the writing service produced if you do not know what you want or what the professor expects.

Most professors give students assignment guidelines: essay length, reading list, citation style and factors that will disqualify the whole paper. What is missing in the guidelines is personal. It is your take on the assignment. It is what college education is all about, a different ball game from high school.

Online writers can only develop a line of thought and defend it if you were upfront about it with clear written instructions. It is not unusual for students to ask for the same writer from the writing agency if they were extremely happy with the first assignment.

Line of Communication

Some writing agencies control the process by not allowing the writer and student clients to interact. All questions are directed to the agency administration and they in turn, contact the writer.

There is no need for the two parties to meet if the student provided clear assignment guidelines. Other agencies open lines of communication and give students, writers’ e-mail addresses.

On the one hand, this can be problematic if students harass writers everyday asking about the assignment’s progress. On the other hand, it can contribute to a great assignment because the writer can email the student for clarification.

Why waste time about the mathematical configuration of the pyramids of Giza, Egypt when the assignment is about their relationship to the sun?

Writing Agencies Politics

Agencies are not the same. They charge different rates and it is up to you to find one or two that will deliver a good product.

You should not totally rely on them because they might go out of business at any time or your reliable writer might leave an agency because of politics, make that financial politics.

Writers sometimes get bogged down on the little money they get for assignments. It is only the agency that knows how much you, as a student paid for the assignment.

Writers agree to the $11.09 quoted for ten pages including an estimated six hours research to boost their PayPal account, which is usually zero. This is just an example.

Plagiarism Free

All writing agencies guarantee original work. Writers are warned about plagiarism. The problem is that it is mostly computers that scan plagiarism and like all mechanical things, are subject to error.

Writers do not get paid when they are accused of plagiarism, but there is something bigger at stake: their reputation. Sometimes the plagiarism accusation is reversed and the writer is paid, but the damage is done and most writers decide to leave.

Write Your Own Assignments

You must have a pretty good idea on how to write academic papers by now, if you have been using writing agencies regularly and your professors have been happy with the output.

Study your online papers and learn something from them: how to defend a hypothesis, how to disagree with authors professors recommend in the reading list, how to group your thoughts in a systematic way and how to write a well-packaged conclusion.

You can also ask your mother or brother to read your draft assignments. They don't know anything about your subject but their questions will help you clean them up, prune here and there or do further research.

There is no point in using writing agencies if you cannot learn from them. Think about the real world. You will be expected to write your own reports when you get a job after graduation.


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