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Study On Nikola Tesla

Updated on November 29, 2015


Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia on July 9,1856.He was the electrical engineer who invented the AC induction motor and transformer which made the universal transmission,distribution and conversion of electricity to mechanical energy.He also did considerable research on high voltage electricity and wireless communication.He is the true unsung prophet of the electric age without whom our radio,auto ignition,telephone,TV would all have been impossible.



Let me discuss a few points from his autobiography and lend some interpretations for the same

"for more than a year I worked unremittingly,but in vain.This profound study so entirely absorbed me that I became forgetful of everything else,even of my undermined health.At last, as I was at the point of breaking down,nature applied the preservative inducing lethal sleep."

These words illustrate the extent of hard work he undertook.For more than a year he was conducting research on the attenuation of signal transmission.But he could not yield the desired result.Here we can observe that after all these inventions he was only more passionate to deliver the next one.

"Curiously enough,these appeared before my vision with startling distinctness and afforded me with welcome relief"

Here he talkes about the memories at infancy which he began to see when he was retiring after each day's work.He talks about the "distinct" visions he saw.This indicates the eidectic(photographic) memory he possessed.

"I found it too hard to break away from the laboratory"

This indicates the attachment he had with the lab.His life so much depended on it that he never married or had a relationship.

"prolonged exertion of my brain"

It reveals that people with intellectual prowess tend to use them more than the others.They are so dedicated that they tend to relax when they are not capable of delivering more.

"Considerations of mere utility weigh little in the balance against the higher benefits of civilisation"

It reveals that he was able to foresee the extent of impact of his inventions on the general population.He wanted to bring those inventions to the daily life of the public so that their lives could be easier.

"At that time I really thought that it would abolish war,because of its unlimited destructiveness and exclusion of the personal element of combat"

He made the magnifying transmitter as a weapon of defense or more specifically as a terrifying weapon.It will eliminate the possibility of war as it will be used to destroy resources rather than killing soldiers.He may have thought that now war would be between the machines and the participation and thereby killing of soldiers will be reduced.

"What we know want most is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth"

This is very much true.Very low percent of humans travel across the globe and even less show interest in communicating with them.Life becomes enriching and rewarding by learning new things,meeting new people.We have only read or heard about the wonders of world.Only when we see that before our eyes we would be able to truly appreciate it and form our opinion about it.This applies for anything else.Unless you get to see something you can never completely believe anything.The following statement of Tesla reinforces my statement,

"Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment and merging of races,and we are still far from this blissful realisation"

Boundaries are meant to protect people and their interests and not to divide them.Innocent people of one country are killing their counterparts just to protect the interests of their leaders.The people may not even acknowledge the true reason of war.Merging of Races can lead to a new set of population where race and racial discrimination would become topics of history.

"I was but an automaton devoid of free will in thought and action and merely responsible to the forces of environment"

The reason behind the statement is that what he was doing was perfectly natural for him.He could not neglect the environment which fired his imagination to become an inventer.It was the education, his parents,teachers and every single stimulus is responsible for the incredible inventer we know.

"Religious dogmas are no longer accepted in their orthodox meaning,but every individual clings to faith in a supreme power of some kind"

He tries to tell us that a common religion-spirituality connects all human beings in one string.He asserts the fact that the possiblity of a supreme power is undeniable for any individual.

"We all must have an ideal to govern our conduct and insure contentment,but it is immaterial whether it be one of creed,art,science,or anything else,so long as it fulfills the function of a dematerialising force"

He talks about the need for a personal code of conduct to direct our activities even if it is ultimately for our satisfaction.Whatever we are doing is ultimately the will of the invisible force leading us.


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