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Stuff the rest

Updated on November 9, 2015

Endless Ignorance.

one day I felt that I could help this man.i tried being nice,thrown back in my face.i tried being helpful,thrown back in my face.i literally tried till I was blue in the face.i came to the conclusion after some hours, that some people don't want or appreciate your help no matter what you I moved on and left them to their own devices.

If ever there was a time,when I knew best
I thought stuff them all,ignore the rest.
Be a man,grow a set
People will respect you,I bet
Not always the truth,no matter how you try
Often as not,I break down and cry.
Giving advice,taking abuse
What's the point,when they're all obtuse.
Now I give it out sparingly,sometimes not at all
So I don't end up being kicked like a ball
Giving advice,when it's not often sought
Can backfire badly,you feel like a nought.
Even when asked,I consider my place
I don't want to give wrong advice,backfire in my face.



on the occasional day,I feel like I just want some quiet time.this picture kind of sums up the mood pretty well,sometimes it's ok to ignore everyone helps your sanity.


Me Time.

I like company now and then,I stay in a house with six women,so getting a bit of me time is needed very often..



im a believer in your own hobbies.if you spent all your time considering everyone else's emotional state,you couldn't fit any in for yourself.

Drive you mental.

sometimes people drive you up the wall.

take a time out before you take a fall.

take time for your thoughts,be good to yourself

pamper yourself,it's good for your health.

think of your happiness think of your all

if you take a time out,the world won't fall

split yourself 50-50,even it out

you will be a lot happier,of this there's no doubt.


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