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Style Writer: Amazing English Writing and Grammar Correctional Software!

Updated on October 12, 2012

English Writing and Grammatical Errors.

In almost every field of office based work, especially when in the business of journalism or freelance writing, being able to fix your common grammatical errors quickly and efficiently, becomes more and more important. In fact, it's becoming more apparent that the determining factor between whether a word project is good or brilliant, is separated by the writer's ability to identify key mistakes with their grammar.

However, the majority of people don't always have the time or the needed concentration to actually find these mistakes, and that's why it is essential for you to have a system of automated correction and identification with your work. Even though Microsoft word does have an integrated spell checker and grammar corrector, this often has faults and isn't always 100% accurate.

However, this software add-on to Microsoft word, will identify and locate the key mistakes with your content, and then show you how to improve the sentence to ensure quality and clarity! Especially, with longer content in which you are prone to making more mistakes, as well as make the occasional blunder with your grammar.

StyleWriter Perfects Your Sentence's Imperfections.

You might now be wondering what exactly this software will fix for you, and the main mistakes which this english writing software is programmed to identify. Of course the software's main objective is to be able to fix common grammar errors that people tend to do without thinking.

One of the most re-occurring mistakes which people make when typing, is that they either misspell a word or use the wrong version of a word.

For example, they use the wrong version of the term "there" and instead put in "their" or "they're". Due to this being one of the most common mistakes, it is essential that a software program can fix the more infrequent blunders as well. For instance...

  • Wording a sentence correctly with the exception of some 'minor' faults.


  • Writing a sentence which does not provide the best clarity to the reader.

Both of these are examples of mistakes in English writing, which the basic spell-checkers and grammar correctional tools will fail to pick up on, due to not being specifically programmed to identify them. However, StyleWriter's unique software design ensures that each sentence that you create has both clarity and perfect sentence structure!

How StyleWriter Can Benefit You.

If you have frequent problems with being able to construct your sentences to the standards and quality of which your company or work requires, this software can be extremely useful in aiding you to produce better quality content also in a noticeably shorter time!

This program also has a great feature, which will show you how to shorten your sentences, without losing the key information or quality in the process. Therefore, you have more words available for more key information, and you will have the ability to get your points across more efficiently.

Now as you can imagine, for such a fantastic product, you are going to have to pay a small price to be able to use it. Although, if you are still slightly unsure about using this program, you can try out their free trial to get a feel for their service, and to see if it would benefit you by testing it with some of your old documents.

A Useful Video Explaining How to Edit a Sentence Using Stylewriter.

Common English Grammar Mistakes.

What are your most common mistakes with grammar?

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