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Sub-merged Souls.

Updated on January 28, 2010

SUBmerged souls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

© All rights reserved-MFB III

In the thick skin
of a metal tube
one end bleeding oil as it
swallows gallons of salt water
filling living spaces
with flotsam..body parts
and exploded debris
from within this havoc
scrambled 23 comrades
fleeing the sea
they had always loved
imagine their horror
as they fled madly
into the ninth chamber
clawing hatchways closed
behind them tightly sealed
heartbeats echoing in the
metal walls around them
breathing so fast..too fast
and devouring precious air
that was always, ever dwindling
huddled in a shivering mass
in total darkness
fathoms below the light
thoughts of all they knew
but would soon know no more
torturing their minds
as they waited for a Godsend
a tap of hope on the
flesh of this steel coffin
but silence mocked them
not moving now
not talking anymore
holding in a breath
as long as humanly possible
blowing out a poisonous gas
carbon monoxide
gasping the little oxygen left
into their shrunken lungs
a small reward for their efforts
the captain in darkness
leading them in prayers
then knowingly
writing blindly of his love
to his family
pen flailing weakly
as he describes the nightmare
of these submerged souls
while above politics as usual
and the safety of secrets
classified information
slows the rescue to a crawl
storms brew a bitter cup of tea
for these hapless twenty-three
left in the drink
abandoned after futile attempts
one by one they winked out
of existence
life light's fading
from their eyes
even in the total blackness
the husk of what once was
living flesh encased in
the hull of what once was
a mighty vessel
now consigned to the
Artic waters
forever a relic of one
of this centuries
terrible blunders
23 souls abandoned ship
beyond human assistance
and all that remains

are remains.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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