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Success Writing Online

Updated on March 20, 2014

Seeking Success Online Starts Off Line

Seek your own online success. Find your own niche in the Information Age by sharing information online with your audience of fans and followers. You can convert subscribers and visitors to your blogs, newsletters and sites into customers and shoppers with e-commerce such as shopping carts and storefronts added to your online presence.

Success could be just a click of the mouse away.

You have many options available to you today, but you need to be certain about what you seek out of your online opportunities as a writer. If you do not identify some goals and objectives as an author and journalists, even a poet, you may find yourself out in the middle of nowhere and in the midst of nothingness.

Your perspective on success may be unclear because you do not have the proper perspective on success.

Success is best achieved when you have defined what success looks like for you. Visualizing success can lead to identifying what success means and how to obtain success. You need to make a conscious choice when it comes to how your writing can lead to success online.

Set yourself up for success. Develop an online writing plan. Put yourself on a schedule. Calendar your writing. Journal your development of your writing. Start succeeding.

Search for Online Opportunities

Success will not seek you out. You will have to have the courage to go out and hunt success down for yourself. Success will come wrapped up in opportunities that are available to you. These opportunities may disguise themselves as issues or problems that require resolutions and innovations. That will be your opportunity to creatively conceive new ways of thinking about, approaching and actually solving issues for businesses and customers alike.

Success has to be sought out through opportunities that are oftentimes overlooked.

You will need to do some homework. Research makes a major difference when it comes to writing online. Check out your online options. Seek out new online opportunities. Search out angles for articles and platforms for poetry. Identify the plethora of online opportunities available these days.

Look into article sites like Seed, Helium, Demand Studios and others. Build your website and set up your blog. Send links out via Twitter and Facebook. Make the most of online communities like Red Room and Writers Cafe. Take on assignments at and

There are a lot of different types of opportunities available online. You need to find the online opportunities that work for you and make the most sense for fitting into your plan. Every single opportunity is not your opportunity. You need to carefully examine and research these opportunities to see which ones match with the types of moves and money that you want to make with your online ventures.

Get Busy and Get Writing

For a freelance writer, work comes down to a simple equation.

Writing = Working

If you claim to be a writer but you never get busy with your writing, are you really a writer?

if you desire success and never make a move towards achieving success, are you really on your way to reaching that goal of success?

At some point, you will have to get busy and get writing. Online success starts with a vision of success. The starting point for an online writer deals with a systematic success strategy. You cannot build a successful business based upon a single angle. You need to have plenty of irons in the fire to reach success with your online writing career.

To gain success, you must get started. Start with your ideas. See what opportunities exist with online publications and websites. See how to integrate your social media and social networking sites with your audio, video and RSS feeds.

Get busy online. Get started writing online. Go for it.


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