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"Sue Gets A Visitor"....Part II

Updated on June 5, 2011

"5 years later......."

"Doctor, have you seen Sue's latest reports?".....the nurse asks. "She seems to be improving over the last several months, and she's been asking about some cowboy she barely knew many years ago." The doctor raises his eyes from the papers he's looking at....."No, I haven't talked to her today, what's her latest complaint...the food, the staff, no hot water?" "Well, believe it or not doc, she's not complaining today. Since we moved her from the "padded" room a month ago, her demeanor has changed literally for the better! She's been here for 5 years and hasn't had any visitors! Everyone needs somebody to visit them!" The doctor scratches his chin, and thinks for a minute. "Well, remember when they brought her here?, They told me she had put a gun in some guys face, his name was Cody something.....Is that the guy she was asking about earlier?" "Oh my goodness, it was!! I wonder if we could find him, if he's even around anymore?".....the nurse says excitedly.

The nurse calls around the next day to the sheriff's office that brought Sue to the hospital and asks about the possible places this "Cody" could be. The officer on the other end isn't to helpful as usual, so she decides to do a little investigating of her own. For the next few weeks, she tries to get info from Sue.....the where's, why's, and how's of the day she met Cody, and what it was about him that kept her interested for ALL these years. "Sue, can you tell me what you remember of this guy you call Cody...the one you always ask me about please?" Sue's eyes become fixated and glazed over when she hears his name....Cody had shown her how a real man takes care of a woman in the bedroom, and it has never left her mind. She closes her eyes, and she's her bedroom with Cody. His hands are exploring her wanting body, and her senses are heightened as never before. He finds her erogenous zones and teases her with his fingers, and other things....."Oh what he did to me", she thought to herself. Cody made her scream several times with his powerful muscles, and his slow methodical movements. She could see his muscles tighten in the moonlight that shone through the open window of her bedroom, their bodies moving as one, a perfect unison of two souls coming together and breathing the others breath........."Sue!....Sue!....Are you OK?", says the nurse. Sue is brought out of the trance, she's embarrassed by her thoughts, but keeps them to herself. She tells the nurse a shorter version of that crazy night with Cody. She has the nurse day dreaming of him as well when the doctor walks in...."How we doing ladies?....Mrs. Pennington, how is it going with Sue today? Any new thoughts on her progress, or her actions?"....."Um, I'll have to get back with you on that one doctor." The nurse wipes her brow, and excuses herself to continue her own steamy story in her private office. The doctor talks with Sue for a few more minutes......."Sue, I think you're making some great improvements....improvements so good that I'm calling a special board meeting to talk with them about releasing you soon, to live out a normal life however you does that sound to you dear?" Sue is happy to hear those words...."releasing soon", and hugs the doctor before he heads out for the day.

"Cody, Is that you?"

Sweat rolls down the face of the cowboy, as his horse stands idly by waiting for him to mend the fence. Cody removes his salt stained shirt to feel the Wyoming breeze that now blows out of the North. His bronze muscles flex and twist with every swing of the post hole diggers. A lone car pulls into the long winding driveway and slowly approaches where Cody and his loyal steed await. Kota's ears perk to announce their presence...."It's OK big fella, no one's going to take you from here, you're safe buddy." Kota places his head on his master's shoulder, letting him know he understands what he just said to him. The car stops and two visitors step out...."Sir, we're looking for a friend of one of our patients...Her name is Sue, and we're wondering if you would be the cowboy she calls Cody." Cody stops digging the hole, wipes his brow, and looks at the doctor with a perplexed expression on his face. "Did you just say "Sue", is that what I just heard? The doctor answers, "Yes young man, I did say Sue and she asked if we could possibly find you to see how you were, and to see if there's a chance of you coming out to visit her. We've been looking for you for some time now. It's been 5 years since her admission, and she's being released soon to do what she wants...We've studied and tested her over and over, and we feel she is ready to be back in the real world. She hasn't stopped talking about you since the first day she arrived, and really wants a chance to apologize for her actions toward you that night at her house.".......The nurse steps forward and takes his hand, and looks him straight in the eye....."Cody, may I call you Cody?....Sue "IS" a changed, and new person....She is full of love, and it shows in her words, her actions, and her demeanor. We haven't seen any connections or actions like the ones you saw years ago....Please Cody, find it in your heart to visit her just once, just to see if there's a spark......She really wants your forgiveness for her actions against you!" Cody takes a deep sigh....."I'm sorry maam', I should put my shirt on." "No, no, says Mrs. Pennington, with a sly grin.....that's alright Cody, I understand that it's hot here...It's fine, don't you worry about me.....Um, I don't bit!" Cody asks them to step inside out of the hot sun.....Dakota steps under the shaded cover of a nearby maple tree, and waits for the sun to go down......"I really don't know if it would do any good to visit her, she did put a gun to my head years ago, you know?......But, we did have chemistry that night, even with a gun in the picture." Cody gives them that cowboy smile that caught Sue's attention...Mrs. Pennington knew what Sue was talking about now, and fully understood why she did what she did. She herself thought, "Hell, I would've done the same damn thing girl!!"

Cody gives in, and makes an appointment with them for a date the next week. They wouldn't tell Sue because they wanted her to be surprised when he showed up out of the blue. The next week approaches and Cody makes the arrangements for his neighbor to drop by each day to bring in the mail, water the cows, and to make sure Dakota's doing well each day. Cody would be gone for three days, three long days from being away from Kota, who did everything with him...He was his pride and joy.....his world.

Mrs. Pennington waltz's into Sue's room early Monday morning to awake her for the day ahead. Opening the curtains with a rush she says, "Good Morning young lady, today is going to be a special day for you!! I've made arrangements for some friends of mine to come out and give you a special makeover today! They're going to give you a manicure for those nails you've been chewing on, a pedicure for your sweet little toes......we'll do your hair, and give you a facial to brighten that skin up, and after that, a full body wrap to lose that excess water you've been holding in for the last three months!! We have to get you ready for the ball Cinderella!! Come on now, get out of that bed and get a move on missy!!" Sue's in shock and sits up quickly to rub her eyes....."Are you kidding me?....What's the special occasion?! What's going on?!! Mrs. Pennington blows smoke and says, "Well, you're being released soon and you can't go back to the real world looking like you've slept in an alley for the last 5 years now can you? Let's move it!!" She gives her sheets a tussle and flips them off onto the floor......She was serious!

Cody jumps into his truck and fires it up, revving the diesel engine to hear the sound he loved to hear. Kota was running back and forth at the gate, wanting to go with him, but it wouldn't happen this time.....Cody gives him the "See ya later boy" look and hits the gas towards Cheyenne. Kota runs the length of the pasture until he can run no more. He watches as Cody disappears over the rise....Cody drives for the whole day to reach the hospital, to see if the "spark" is still there with Sue. He doesn't know why he's doing it, he's just doing it. He has nothing to lose, he's still alone out there at the ranch, and he's looked for a special lady, but hasn't found her yet. A few times he thought he had, but for some reason or another, none of them sparked his interest like Sue had. He's a God fearing man, and a simple man with a simple plan....To live his life out on the ranch, paying his bills, and enjoying the hunting and fishing that the Wyoming wilderness offers......but one thing, and one thing "only" will make him whole guessed it........a woman's soft touch.

He arrives in Cheyenne on Monday night, but it's late, so he grabs a room at the local motel near the hospital. He'll rise early, and get breakfast before heading over to see Sue. Sleep comes fast for him, but the morning comes much faster. His nerves are getting the best of him, and he wonders if he's making the right decision, if she "really" wanted to see him, or if it's all just a way to get him close so she can pull another gun on him....Surely the doc and the nurse weren't in on it, he wondered.......He would certainly find out very, very, soon. He pulls up and parks the truck. He sits there, fingers anxiously tapping the steering wheel, waiting for the butterflies and nerves to settle. He steps out, but reaches back in for his Stetson....He thinks, "The hat makes the man."......and starts for the hospital door.

Sue is sitting at her window that faces the courtyard. She sits and watches others go about their daily activities on the hospital grounds. This is where she does her thinking, and her "daydreaming".....of the day she'll get out of there and return to a normal life. She is so ready to start her life over. She looks like a million bucks now, her hair, nails, toes, and her heart and mind feel brand new to her. Her spirits are high as she hears footsteps enter the room. Without turning she says, "Cody, is that you?......Turning, she screams....You came, I knew you would come!"......She jumps up and runs into his arms. Cody steps back, and looks at her in amazement...."Wow, you....well, you look amazing Sue. I'm glad to see you, and I'm glad you are doing well these days. The doctor said you were OK now, and you asked for me, so I figured I'd give you a chance to tell me why you did what you did on that night we had together." Sue, being the different person now, looked up into his eyes and gave him her reassuring smile....."Cody, I am SO sorry for pulling that gun on you that night, that wasn't me.....That was someone else, but that part of me is never coming back, I promise you that Cody! I'm a changed woman, and I want to prove it to you. I'll never touch another gun as long as I live, or raise my voice at you like I did that night. As God as my witness, I will be the woman you are looking for....If you'll give me another chance." With tears in her eyes, she awaits his response.......

Cody takes a deep breath, and clears his throat.......He gives her a big hug, and smiles that smile. "Thank you for the apology Sue, I heard the sincerity in your voice, and I truly feel that you are changed like you say you are. But, let's do this....You get yourself out of here, and settled in somewhere, then we can date....a real date, not a one-night fling again, and see where it takes us. Sound good to you?" Sue breaks down, and holds her emotions no longer.....She's held all of those feelings inside for 5 long years, and now releases them to feel a higher power than ever before.....Deep down, she had fallen in love with Cody on that special night, but her other side had gotten the better of them both, and for the worse! Now was her chance......her chance to prove to him that she was a good girl, that she could show him the love every man needed to feel, to see, to cherish. Before he leaves her room, he kisses her gently, and tells her he'll see her soon......very soon. He speaks with the doctor, and makes arrangements to pick her up on her release date, just one week away. He feels that Sue may finally be the one, even though their first meeting wasn't picture perfect, it did have it's "good" moments. As he heads for his truck, he hears Sue calling from her window, "Cody! Cody!....He turns around and looks up....."I'll see you soon Cowboy!" As he waves goodbye, she waves and gives him her best.......little smile.......Oh, that EVIL smile. ;)


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    • Jrandol62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Where ever the road takes me....

      Thanks BK!

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      7 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I do like this story. Very good.

    • Jrandol62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Where ever the road takes me....

      Thanks....share it with ALL you know please....Later peeps!

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      Well done with an excellent twist and a happy ending....awesome job was a pleasure to read...voted up

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Glad you liked it Mich......Yea, horses are special animals!! Thanks for the kudos!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a twist! I'm glad that Sue and Cody found each other again. I also love the intimate friendship between Cody and his horse! awesome short story :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You just never never know....I'll probably leave it at that for the time being....Maybe get another story going soon...Taking a break, my mind's burning up. LOL

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      7 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Awwww....I'm thrilled Cody and Sue found each other again!! I'm also thankful she received a makeover before their reunion!! Gotta love those cowboys! Hmmmm is she REALLY done with the guns??? Is there a sequel in the near future? Voted UP!!


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