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Suffering of Loving Mother India

Updated on October 13, 2014
Mother India
Mother India | Source

The Sun rose over the Indian Ocean

To bless upon the People of India

With Gifts from Heaven Unbound

In Lands of Pristine Utopia!

Where the Rivers bear Testimony

To Upheavals of Countless Lives Untold

And be the bosom of a million dreams

That no one could ever possibly hold.

The hills where happily Unravels to all

A mist-laden Paradise of Rugged beauty

Rendering also home to Simple Small People

To be revered with Offerings as a Deity.

Hills of Sikkim
Hills of Sikkim | Source

Paddy fields here swing to the Caress

Of gently running around Truant Breeze

Feeding the Country with Golden Harvest

Mingling with delicious curries at ease.

The Country that has seen Bloodshed

And sacrifices of Countless Brave Souls

For nearly two Centuries of utter oppressive rule

Can at least now live for new Goals.

But however heart-breaking it might seem

Our Loving Mother is Suffering once more

Being torn apart between two of her sons

Frowning upon each other like an Eyesore!

One of her Sons moves around with Pomp

In Dazzling Vehicles of Utmost Lust

Flaunting his collection of Gold and Jewelry

With Slighted care for the other as Dust.

What a Luxurious Car!
What a Luxurious Car! | Source

His Endless Shopping Spree Goes on

To Fill the Lifeless Mansions Galore

Even if his Loving Mother Sinks to Penury

Never will end his thirst for More!

Her other Son Works in Factories and Farms

With Plates half-filled and half with tears

Selling everything except his Soul

To keep on Paying the Blood-sucking Lenders.

Endless Toil in Farms
Endless Toil in Farms | Source

His Ravaged Today doesn’t have a Tomorrow

That he can hope for and live by

It’s only an endless dragging along

Till finally Life lets him Die!

Our Loving Mother tried her best always

To keep all her Sons in Joy and Peace

Only to be Leeched by Fraudsters and Cheats

Behind Incredible Lies in Shameful Ease!

Where Should She Go now from here

With whom share her tears and Pain

Of Golden Dreams lost Forever

And Countless lives spent in Vain!

Only if her Sons come together

To wipe away the tears of Mother

She will find a new life again

From this endless Suffering and Dither.


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