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Suggested answers to telephone calls

Updated on March 19, 2012

I often receive disturbing calls from various companies. The sales promoters were so resilient in persuading me to buy their services that I felt enraged sometimes. If you have similar experiences, try out these following answers at your own discretion, and you would probably be saved from more disturbing calls.



A call from a bank: Hello? Are you so-and-so? I am calling from the bank. We recently have a savings programme...

Suggested reply: What is your name? Who is your boss? How long have you been working here? What is your position. Who gave you my number and permit you to call me at this inopportune time? Are you paying this call? Hello? Hello? Don't put down the phone...


A call from a beauty salon: Hello. Good day. You are lucky enough to be chosen for a free beauty treatment session. Would you consider coming down to our...

Suggested reply: What? Do I need a beauty make-over? When did you looked at me? Where are your evidences? Are you taunting over my appearance? Aren't I handsome/pretty? Quick! Tell me which part of my body needs a make-over?


A call from a property agent: Hello. I am an experienced property agent. I have clients wanting a unit in your region. Are you intending to sell your house?

Suggested reply: Are you familiar with me? I have just recently bought a house and you are asking me to sell it? Where will I live when my house is sold, you tell me? You are asking me to be a vagrant? Are you looking for properties around the world? I am living in heaven right now. Do you want to visit me there?


A call from a pawn shop: Hello. If you are in need of money, feel free to come down...

Suggested reply: What? Do you think I am poor? Do I need to borrow money from you? I can sue you for infringing on my personal privacy and individual freedom! That way I can get much more money!


A call from a friend: Hello? Do you want to have lunch with me at 2p.m.?

Suggested reply: No problem. As long as you are willing to pay for me, I'd be glad to come.


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    • phillippeengel profile image

      Deng Xiang 5 years ago

      Hi NewCorner! Thank you for reading, and your comment is appreciated.

    • NewComer profile image

      NewComer 5 years ago from India

      Funny! Liked most the reply to caller from a beauty salon. Though funny, very true. Most often such calls are annoying and there has be a way to give them back. Nicely written.