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Suicidal Tendancies

Updated on September 21, 2010

Two Songs to put to Heavy Metal

Suicidal Tendencies

Murder at Full Moon

A Lunatics Insanities

A Song Without a Tune

A Very Dark and Savage Place

Full of Rage and Hate

Where Nothing Really Changes

Except perhaps the Date

And Normal is so very Strange

South of Heaven's Gate

Born but so unsure

Why we Arrived

Death is the Given Cure

Unless we all Survive.

This next song/poem is also about the suicide attempts of two young people, together, as you will be able to tell, was meant to be put to a heavy metal tune.

The Great Abyss

Welcome to the Great Abyss

An Eerie Dark Place of Evil Bliss.

Come With me Now Where Angels Won't Tread

A Dark Dank Stench of Evil Dread.

No One is certain what Secrets are Concealed

For not One Person Has Returned, Not one Story Revealed.

So Take My Hand Just Hold on to it Tight,

Together Forever, We will Take Flight.

Just you and Me in This Mysterious Place,

That Holds no Dimension of Time or Space.

Come With me Now Just Take my Hand,

Let us go to The Promised Land

It's as Easy as a Simple Kiss,

That's How we Enter the Great Abyss.

So, Hold onto me Tightly and Don't Let go,

and Gently He Placed His Lips Just so,

Off to the Land of Quiet and Dark

So Evil it's Silence Leaves a Mark

Just Take my Hand Can't you See,

and With Their Lips They Kissed into Eternity.


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  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 8 years ago from ventura., california

    So glad you like it...I have found that folks either like these two pieces a lot, or they simply hate them for their darkness....happy you are in the former group...

  • DogSiDaed profile image

    DogSiDaed 8 years ago from UK

    This is odd, Suicidal Tendencies was a potential name for a band with me and some mates that never formed XD I really like this by the way, consider me a fan :)