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Every Boy's Dream of a Kiss

Updated on March 14, 2022

Romantic Hero

Everyone longs for romance!

On this special, sunny day, our romantic hero readied himself for an enjoyable afternoon on his back porch swing. He planned to share his swing and dinner with a lovely girl. He had waited for this opportunity for some time. It was a lover's dream come true! These were big plans! He longed to find out how to kiss on a swing.

How it all ends surprised him--and will surprise you!

Dream of a Kiss



A pitcher of iced, mint tea waited on the table next to two glasses. He sat, vibrating, waiting for her, on the back porch swing. She told him it was her favorite drink. Reaching, he touched the pitcher to make sure it was cold enough. He had asked her to come over for afternoon tea and to join him afterwards for dinner. He planned to grill some steaks or go to the new Italian restaurant that had just opened in town. He looked at his watch for the hundredth time; he counted the minutes until she arrived. Up from the porch swing he bounced to peer up the hill and search for her. Back and forth he paced.

The Waiting Swing

A Good Place for a Romantic Kiss!
A Good Place for a Romantic Kiss! | Source

Two Years Ago

It was on a beautiful, sunny day like this, almost two years ago, that he had met her. The street was crowded. They stood at a red light and he picked up a package she had dropped. So taken was he with her in an instant. He barely could speak.

"Thanks, she said".

He stammered, "You're ww-welcome."

As they walked across the street and he asked, "Can I carry one of you packages for you?"

She replied, "No thanks, I'm not going too far."

Her brown eyes reduced him to a puddle of giddiness. Her smile caused his heart to skip a beat. Her sweet voice turned his knees to jelly. He shakily walked with her another block.

Bus Stop


Have a Drink?

"Can--can you stop and have a drink with me? Do you have time?" he asked, as he found himself drowning in the dark pools of her eyes. He tried to maneuver her to a less crowded area, but the crowd pushed them toward the coming bus.

She rushed into the open door and called over her shoulder, "I'm sorry, I need to go."

In is anxiety over her loveliness, he forgot to ask her for number. Unusual for him, as he fancied himself a smooth operator. Many times on the ensuing days, he searched for her on the street near the bus stop, but never saw her again. That is, not until last week!

They had along chat. She laughed at his enthusiasm at seeing her and his boyish nervousness. He made sure he got her phone number. He couldn't believe he had found her again! Since then he had called and texted her way too many times.

He had even sketched several images of her in those two years. In the past week, he had drawn and painted several more. He paced--now counting the seconds. "Am I obsessed with her?" he asked himself aloud.

He strode toward the end of the porch.


She Was Coming

She was coming! He raised his hand to shade his eyes to better see her moving toward him, from the sun-filled sky. She bounced softly down the hill from the horizon. As she got closer, he could see her smiling.

His heart began to beat faster as he saw her smile. The way the wind moved her peasant dress around her body made him swallow hard. The closer she got, the more he realized how much he had longed to be with her. The breeze played lazily with her sandy, brown hair. Down she came, as he sat smiling on the porch swing, to which he returned to sit on the swing. He sat because he realized he was shaking and didn't want her to notice.


Sharing a Kiss
Sharing a Kiss | Source

The Kiss

As she neared, he took in the vision of her beauty. He reached for her hand and pulled her close to him on the swing. Neither said a word as they smiled. Their eyes said many unsaid, long held thoughts. How he had waited for this moment--not long ago he only dreamed of it happening.

She nestled under his arm, her head nuzzled against his chest. He was sure she could hear how fast his heart was beating. She pushed him down on the swing and began to move across his chest. She began to push her nose against his fingers and hands--she began to kiss and to lick them.

He started to laugh. "What are you doing?", he giggled as she nudged his chin with her nose.

She did not answer, but climbed up onto his chest. "Dang," he said to himself, "She is heavier than she looks!" She began to lick his face and mouth and he began to choke and laugh. She only licked his face harder.

This is how to kiss on a swing?

He felt so ridiculous, especially when she began to whine and howl!

"Enough!" he shouted, and began to push her away.

Why would she act like this? Had he misjudged her? Was she putting him on? Was she loony? He stood up.

"What are doing?", he blurted out again in embarrassment.

Suddenly, he awoke from his dream. His large, heavy, English mastiff, named Brewster had been licking, nuzzling and whining for him to get up! So much for the girl in the peasant dress and the afternoon on the porch swing.

This was the end of the lover's dream!

A Long

Vivid Romantic Dream

Have You Ever Had A Vivid Romantic Dream And Awoke Disappointed It Was Not Real?

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© 2012 AJ Long


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