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Supernatural being

Updated on July 6, 2015

My relationship with Grace was like that of cat and mouse, she was opposite of everything i needed in a girl friend,she wasn't ready to do anything until she is married. If the conversation is not about being born again then no need to start up one with her but the only thing that kept me moving with her was her beauty, she believed so much in nature so hardly used make up.

I cannot count how many times we broke up and i was always the cause and always the one to back asking for pardon but what baffled me and my close comrades was that i had so many other girlfriends who are romantically better than Grace but i chose to have keen interest in her. Perhaps it was because of my urge to explore whatever it was she had in stock for her man.

I graduated from the university two years before her but while still searching for job, she graduated and was called to bar then her uncle gave her the lead in his chambers but as fate may have it, luck shined on me and i got a descent job then it was time to settle down and the only woman in this world that had all the qualities i needed in a wife was Grace.

We bonded with each and the love we shared was stronger than rock and like every couple,she took in and that brought more happiness then i went crazy when i realized that she was going to give birth to a boy, it was a dream come true but all our aspirations,all our plans,joy and affection was cut short immediately after the delivery of our son whom we both named Lucky before his birth.

Wouldn't it have been better if Grace never conceived? I didn't know what to think but does God actually allow us to go through pain? Why Grace? We began praying for a safe delivery from the very moment we found out that she was pregnant so dose it mean that he didn't answer that particular prayer? Why give me a son and allow my wife to die? The confusion caused by loosing Grace took over me and became a part of me. Taking care of our son became a challenge but four years passed so quick.

She visited my sister who came to take of my son in my house while i attend a five days program in the capital, and the moment i walked into my house and saw her sitting,a part of me became alive again, a part that died the day Grace died,a part that quenched my desire for a woman, she looked so beautiful and her voice gave me nothing but comfort. She looked like a super natural being. The twenty nine years I have spent with Ruth has been so wonderful. She took care of my son like he was hers,she never segregated among our four children.

Today as you mark your 51st birthday, my dear wife, words are not enough to express how wonderful you have been.I can't ask for more than the comfort you brought into my life. Happy birthday Angel.


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