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Updated on March 25, 2011
Surprised | Source

Rather than simply 'surprised', I suppose we must say that ‘shocked’ is definitely more like it.

For here we can clearly see that poor Petey’s pince-nez glasses are no longer pincing his nez, but are in fact airborne, as are his pronounced and powerfully propelled pupils! [Both instances of which might seem to constitute calamities worth worrying about! However, with neck clearly separated from torso, I think that it's evident to one and all that poor Petey’s got at least one other far more serious concern at the moment than his pince-nez or his pupils! Let us hope he can keep a sound head on his shoulders — firmly on his shoulders — through the remainder of this episode!]

Not to worry: the emphatically errant shards of his tie can always be retrieved some time later, after all the fuss is over, and all the hullabaloo has died down, when pop-eyed Petey’s protruding pinkies have descended from their decidedly excitedly elevated state. Who can say? Perhaps the poor fellow’s nostrils and ear canals will in fact re-dilate from the puny panicked pinpricks we see here, into fully functional cranial orifices of suitable dimension once again. Can Petey manage to pull himself together?

Oh! For a return to normalcy and connectedness and reconstitution, as a whole greater than the sum of its parts! It is for this that desk-gripping Petey truly pines. Yet not only for that does Petey pine.

[Perhaps tomorrow, pretty office-mate Priscilla will be a bit more circumspect about the type (and transparency) of outfit she chooses to wear to work.]


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