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Surrendered Into Silence

Updated on March 17, 2020
Diane Denison profile image

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.

Sweet Sweet Surrender Into Silence

A Lock Down

It's Now Marshal

Law That Spreads

Across The World.

Like A Cancer Attack

It Blankets You Into

Silence Of Your Home.

You At First Rotates

In A Spiral Down

Ward Motion Into

A Confusion State

Of Shock And Awe.

A Bitter Taste Of

Man's Evil They

Created In This


You Can't Believe

What's Happening.

And You Wonder If This

Is A Man Made

Virus That Spreads

Your Neighborhood And

Every Corner Of

This World.

Then You Slip

Slide Into The

Slumber Nest Of

Your Pity Party.

Declaring Out Loud

To God, "This Is Like

A Knife Cutting

Out The Innocence

Of Your Purity."

To Take His Hands

And Cover You In

A Protective Manner.

Block Out The Evil

Man Kind Produced.

Then You Swirl Into

A Manic Pace.

Pacing In Circles

Of Your Living Room.

Your Restless Nature

Takes Full Bloom Of

A Brilliant Red Flower

With Out The Fragrance.

You See Blood Drip

Stains Covering The

World As Many Innocence's

Are Dying There Last

Breath Filled In Pain.

Tear Drops Of There

Surrendering With There

Remaining Energy Of


Fighting Not To Die

They Slip Into


Then Death.

The Pacing Stops And

You Begin To Count.

How Many Times

You Mentioned God.

That Name Remaining

For Years A Stranger

To Your Lips

You Sit Upon Your

Soft Comforting

Carpet And Your

Head Is Resting Gently

In Your Hands.

The Realization Of God's

Love Slowly Penetrates

Your Soul.

You Feel A Dark Smog

Drift Out Of you,

And Begin To See

The Light Of God.

Your Cry In Joy Realizing

This Is The Best Day

Of Your Life.

Your Surrendering In

This Beautiful Silence

God Created In The World.

To God Whom You've

Ignored For The Many

Years Of Your Life.

You Stand Up And Dance

Around Your Living Room

And Throughout Your Home.

Knowing This Is The First

Day Of Your Life.

Sweet Sweet Surrender Into Silence

Sweet Sweet Surrender To God


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