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Beat the Summer Heat

Updated on June 22, 2017
Missing Wanderer profile image

I'm studying bioengineering. Sometimes I obtain my poetry topics from nature and try to connect it to some of my science subjects


What’s good about summer?

Do you like it more than winter?

Summer is the time for relaxation and bonding

A season where a lot of people go swimming

Summer is just around the corner

We better prepare for the scorching weather

Better stay indoors at noon

The hot weather will be over soon

Everyone is prone to heatstroke

So better watch out when taking a walk

Stay hydrated, drink water frequently

To ensure your own safety

Most people go to beach to swim

Some sells shakes and ice cream

Some people go to the gym

To achieve the body of their dream

Summer vacation isn’t really boring

A little heat can’t stop the ball rolling

You can travel places with your family

Or play some board games joyfully

Summer season is really hot

But that isn’t a reason to be sad

Don’t just sit and waste your time

But you can rest if that’s what you want, it’s fine

This is the time for recreation

The family should go on a vacation

Always bring your sunblock

Expect the places to be jampack

If not in the mood for a swim

And don’t want to go to the gym

Love the water, but afraid to be drowned

You can try some oceanariums around

Some people go alone

Some people stay at home

Each of us have different ways to ease the heat

Others stay home to drink iced tea and sit

Each of us enjoys different hobbies

So we’ll enjoy various summer activities

According to what we want best

Recreations to relieve our stress


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