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Swamp Witch....Part Four "Bokor"

Updated on July 29, 2011

Henri had told Mercy that he had seen Jura hanging out in a local bar in Morgan City when he had last been there. Jura always left an impression on Henri but this time it had been Jura's companion that Henri had remembered in vivid detail. A beautiful woman that seemed as out of place in the bar as Jura seemed to fit. Henri stated that her slow and distinct draw had marked her accent as Upper Ninth Ward in New Orleans. The way she ran the name of the city together in a fluid pronounciation labeled her as native born and native raised. She spoke no French but the gumbo mix of Creole words and English gave her the status.
Henri had described her a warm brown with amazing green eyes and thick raven black hair. Soft curved cheeks, wide brow, and pert nose gave her Caucasian blood but the sensous full lips and thick smoky eyelashes hearlded her Creole and black mixture. Short in stature but with vivacious curves and a natural almost cat like grace said volumes about her self confidence. The scent of jasmine and sweet musk emanated her, intoxicating any male that came near her. Henri knew her type of presence well as he had met more than one Hoo Doo follower, meaning her ancestory dated long back to Haiti. He said she was a "bokor", an initiate of both the dark and light side of Voodoo. A French term that even those who did not speak the language undersood.
As a follower of the Wicca faith, Mercy knew she was no match for a bokor in spell working but fortunately, her grandmere had know the religion and had long ago taught Mercy some countermeasures for combatting the gris-gris (spell charms) of a bokor.
Mercy believed her brother to be beyond saving but she wanted the influence he was exerting through his girlfriend to cease. There was only one way to stop it and that involved a plan that Mercy despised. She was going to have to make a trip to Treme in New Orleans to see Madam Felicity to get the implements to ward off the bad gris-gris she knew was coming her way. Henri would return soon and he could take her but until them the sulpur and salt amulets hanging from her verandah and the mandrake effigy on her door would have to suffice.

(on it goes)


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      Bren 6 years ago

      Gosh, I'm waiting on tenterhooks here!