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Sweet Kisses of Love. Monday's Inspiration 53 to Dora Isaac Weithers

Updated on May 20, 2019
manatita44 profile image

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

The right contact

The right contact enters the Heart, not as the fragility of an eggshell to break, but with a sublimity of longing that nourishes the soul. Like the sun, it nourishes and sustains goodness, evoking an unparalleled response of beauty.

A kiss can be like this - soft, buttered with Love and salted by the lamb of God … coming from those who offer sweet surrender, devotion and loyalty … unconditional Love to the encountered one.


Sweet Kisses of Love

Sweet Kisses of Love

I suspect the first kiss, came from her wounded soul –

A gaze down from heaven; a flowering of Hearts;

An inextricable bond between parent and child.

Dad was never in this eloquent painting … this sweet Love.

So I suspect that her moist lips --

This soft touch of symmetry; this golden offering --

Was a mixture of the toil of forbearance;

The peerless sweetness of a mother’s sacrifice.

In my infancy and childhood, I was kissed many times,

By those seeking to untangle, the innocent simplicity

Of their naiveté; the fragrant bouquet of roses, from within.

Ah! What healing this secret medicine gives!

Finally, I was kissed by Love Itself,

So much sweeter than my mother’s concern.

Flooding my Heart with a river of ecstasy,

My soul prancing and dancing with Delight.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 20th May, 2019.


Renewal: A Splash of Easter and Spring

Egg shells mingle among the garden of flowers,

Creating a basket of garlands,

Magnificent in splendour. A pageantry of beauty –

Like a canopy – blankets the grove,

Its luminosity of colours, creating a lustre, in which

The chicks and bunnies rest; tulips blush open,

Flapping their wings,

In awe of this magnificent setting.

O Light, my Light, Your blue-bells converse

With the honeysuckle, unabashed by their

Nakedness, In this sacred sanctuary.

A flood of charisma dance around the grove,

Kissing the ambience of this reverential moment.

It is Spring. Easter beckons and the snow-white

Doves chant verses,

Heralding the victory of the One called Christ.


Rejoice! O seeker, rejoice! Winter’s gone;

Symphonies comes laughing with the breeze.

The lillie complements the song-bearers,

While the magnolias glow, with unhurried Grace.

Just yesterday, I said to the daffodils:

“You look so alluring, my friends!

But the jasmines blushed,

Covering my breath with their redolence.

My Heart beats with vigour, kissing the smile

On my cheeks; the eyes become radiant, gazing

At shimmering sunsets. Rejoice! O seeker, rejoice!.

Winter’s gone, everything comes around,

And the time for renewal is here.

Love’s in full bloom, and the dawn is dancing.

Open the windows; pull the venetian blinds.

The robins, ever versatile, are testing new melodies,

The lyrical nightingales await, to serenade your Heart.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 8th April, 2019.


Kisses of Love

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Spring is always amazing! Those red and purple tulips; the innocence of daisies and the scent of lavenders, are too alluring to pass up. We smile with dawn and wave at glimmering sunsets, shimmering on the horizon. Bluebells dance with the zephyrs and the starling chants verses of happier moments on the awakening of daybreak.

Winter's gone and renewal is here. A time to dust the old cobwebs of the past and replenish our energies with newness, hope and the indomitable visions of sweet tomorrows. Ah! What Joy! What vivacity! With new zest or fervour, on we march, to the ever-increasing fragrance of the Light and the eternal beauty of nature's peace.

Last night She came, carrying a basket of floral bouquets. I had not seen Her since last harsh winter. She placed the wafts gently in my Heart, using the glow of Her Grace and followed the redolence within. My Heart was ablaze with the beatitudes of Christ … of King David's psalms, echoing and re-echoing in my soul.

I fell into a drunken state, too dazed to be of any use to man, but now a constant servant, of His Majesty.

Deep within this void, I heard the sound of canaries; the melodies of sparrows and nightingales, creating symphonies ever anew, in their search for constant self-transcendence. I remained mute, but ever alive to the resonance of Silence, flooding my Heart with its perpetual Light.

© 2019 manatita44


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