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Dungeons and Dragons Gaming related Fiction

Updated on May 3, 2017
Image from Morgue
Image from Morgue

Dungeons and Dragons gaming and fantasy fiction

Many dedicated youth and adults enjoy creating a character and gathering with others under the leadership of a "Dungeon Master" (DM) to role play adventures for their character. A range of different sided dice can control the action and encounters with monsters as well as the participants imaginations!

Dungeon and Dragon gaming can not only be fun, but can inspire story writing, artwork, figurine building, map drawing and other artistic creations.

The Dragonlance Series

The Dragonlance Series evolved out of the role playing activities of a group of enthusiasts. By spending time developing their characters and "living" their adventures, the players created stories which could be shared with others.

Their writer's affinity with the characters make the stories sound more personal and intriguing. It is also possible that some dice-rolls introduced unexpected twists into the story, which even the writers may not have expected.

Here we feature the classic volumes by the primary authors Margaret Weis and Traci Hickman. Many other game playing authors have written volumes to accompany them, however, these remain the penultimate character driven stories.

The Dragonlance Chronicles

While many books were written by their affiliates and gaming friends, the core novels by Weis and Hickman remain the best.

The "Chronicles" include:

1. Dragons of Autum Twilight,

Written in 1984, this novel introduces the characters and launches them all on their quests. Central to the novel are twins and opposites Raistlin and Caramon Majere. The novel makes it clear every member of the group has a history, but does not completely fill these stories out. The novel succeeds in making every character memorable and the reader is keen to continue the adventure.

2. Dragons of Winter Night,

Released in 1985, this novel introduces some additional characters and sends the companions further afield on their quest. They visit the elves and dwarves and the party is divided. The knights of Solamnia come under attack and it is thought several of the party have been killed.

3. Dragons of Spring Dawning

Published late in 1985, this volume places key members of the love triangle Laurana, Tanis and Kitiara (sister to the twins) on opposite sides of the conflict. The mage, Raistin attempts unthinkable spells that could kill him and is aided by an evil wizard. They reach the palace of the Dark Queen. One of the party is revealed to be a god!

Legendary protector of England and dragon killer St. George. Image from
Legendary protector of England and dragon killer St. George. Image from

Did you know?

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Opening illustration for chapter 12 of 1905 edition of J. Allen St. John's The Face in the Pool from
Opening illustration for chapter 12 of 1905 edition of J. Allen St. John's The Face in the Pool from

The Dragonlance legends

Legends include:

1. Time of the Twins,

Some time has elapsed, but the group is slowly gathered back together. Raistlin plans to go back in time and challenge the all evil dark Queen of the gods, and the others plan to stop the fun! Crysania the pure cleric is in love with the ambiguous Raistlin, and Caramon is forced to fight his friends. A magical time-travel device is at the centre of some mishaps, and the temple falls on top of them!

2. War of the Twins,

Raistlin, Caramon, and Crysania travel to the tower of high sorcery at Palanthus, arriving 100 years after the cataclysm. Raistilin is tested and proves he really is the master. The Dark Queen tells Tas the kender he has altered time. The Dwarves are under seige and the roof falls down on everyone once again. Raistlin and Crysania suceed in going through the portal.

3. Test of the Twins

The world is scorched barren and bare and many of the crew appear dead. Caramon is once again given the task of preventing his brother Raistlin doing something. Is Raistlin a villain, hero or matyr? The battle for Palanthus is won and things appear to go back to normal...

Dragon's of Summer Flame

I usually read:

Dragon's of Summer Flame

Placed after the Legends, as it is called the "fourth chronicle", but it really seems to fit after the time travel episode. This novel puts a heroic spin on the last efforts of Raistlin Majere, the dark mage who captures many hearts and imaginations.

Several prequels, The Soul Forge and Brother's in Arms which chronicle Raistlin and Caramon's early adventures are enjoyable reading.


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    • creativearts2009 profile image

      Cecelia 8 years ago from Australia

      Thank you Frieda. I think you are partly talking to guest writer Cliff. Those are some of his faviourite books.

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Excellent information here, Cecelia. My eldest is reading the Eragon Series now. Loves it! The awesome thing about these sword and sorcery books is that despite their length, they get eaten up with pleasure. A wonderful thing! And with such great writers as you've presented, with such wonderful series, it's no wonder.