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Sword of Winter

Updated on March 7, 2017

This sword has a blade made of a white metal whose form suggests an icicle. It has snowflakes engraved along its length.

The world had existed in harmony for a century. The last battle ended when the four swords of the seasons were reunited and placed in the alter. But now the Sword of winter is missing and no one knows what will happen.

Will there be no more winter or will it bring on an eternal cold?

Each of the four swords has the power to control the weather and the sword of winter is possibly the most powerful with its ability to encase its victims in a block of solid ice. Meaning that whoever wields the sword could bring on an eternal winter.

Chapter 1

It started out as just another ordinary day at the temple of the seasons. Lots of people coming and going as they always did at the transition of seasons. They came to place an offering or just to take a look at the swords of the seasons. Tonight their was to be a celebration and tomorrow the new season would begin. That season would be winter as the sun would rise and shine its light on the ice blade of the sword of winter who's power would start to turn the ground around the temple white with frost before bringing the snow in a few weeks time.

As the sun started to set the guards ushered everyone out of the temple and into the grounds where the celebrations were getting underway. As the guards locked up one of them thought they saw a shadowy figure in the alter room but when he looked again the room seemed completely empty so they locked the door and headed out to join in the celebrations.


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