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Sydney Silver LA Express UFO encounter

Updated on May 12, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver

UFOs Part 7

Archived Copy of LA Xpress column

by Sydney Silver


UFOs 7

I need to reverse in time a bit, back to when I was a teenager, to tell you about another strange experience I had, which I forgot to write about.

It was when I was sixteen. I had been waking up with bruises on my shins, and once, with a long, straight scratch on my forehead. I could have been sleepwalking.

One night, I was sleeping in my bottom bunk bed, and I woke up because a bright, blue, neon laser light, suddenly streamed in from the edge of the bedroom door. Outside that door, was the inside of our house, so it made no sense.

I immediately stiffened up, thinking “its them!” and became so afraid I almost passed out. I may have put the covers over my head; whatever happened, it’s a blur. The next thing I remember, is the light fading, fading down to a white color, then to nothing, as I was reaching for the door handle to see what was out there. I opened the door to – nothing. Darkness.

I stepped out into the hall, and to my right, in the dim dark, I saw a small bluish monster man in overalls. I fell to the floor screaming! I screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs in hysterics. Now, mind you, my three siblings and parents were in the house, and none of them woke up because of my screams, nor did they remember me screaming the next day. As I was screaming, I looked again, and it was not a little monster man, it was my tall brother, standing there silently, totally immobile, in a robe. I was so hysterical that even when I recognized him, I could not stop screaming. What made it worse, was that he said nothing, did not move, was expressionless. Finally, I silenced. I was not so sure this was my brother. Wouldn't my brother have said it was him, wouldn't he have reached out to me to end my fear?

In fear, I said “What are you doing there, why aren't you talking or speaking? Why are you just staring at me?”

He said without emotion: “I was wondering what you were doing.”

I said “There was a bright blue light coming through my door crack.”

He said “No, it’s just the TV light.”

I looked into the living room, and the TV was on – snow. Snow?

“Why are you watching snow?” I asked him, wondering not only why the heck was he watching nothing but snow, but why was he watching it standing in the hallway near my room, instead of 20 feet away in the living room? He shrugged.

I simply can not remember what happened next. Perhaps I went to bed after that, I do not know. Does my brother remember this incident? I do not know. Someone will have to ask him.

Sydney Silver is a radio co-hostess on and you can also follow her at She is recounting her real life memories in this column and hopes to find people with real, similar experiences.


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