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Sydney Silver LA Xpress Paranormal Column - dreams

Updated on January 24, 2013
Sydney Silver - Photo By Marissa Bagnall
Sydney Silver - Photo By Marissa Bagnall


An archived record of my LA Xpress Newspaper Column, 1/24/13


When I was a child between the years of 2-4, I had several unbelievable recurring nightmares. The first dream may have been a psychic dream, the second was partially re-played when I saw the movie “the Matrix” and the third? Well – let’s just hope the third dream doesn’t come true.

Can we have psychic dreams? Yes. Honestly I don’t care what anyone says on this topic, as I’ve had two psychic dreams which I will write upon later. Now, this is not to say that the recurring nightmares I had as a two year old will happen. But is it possible? Maybe.

In the first dream, I run through gnarled woods as Snow White. Behind me, Ronald McDonald chases with a bloody butcher knife. Well. About 17 years later, I became vegetarian. A few years after that, PETA came out with a Ronald doll that looked exactly like the butcher knife wielding Ronald of my dreams. Creepy, huh? This still may be a coincidence, which is why I do not classify it as a “for sure” psychic dream, like the two I mentioned briefly.

The second dream was of being in a laboratory. I’m laying on a table, male and female scientists in white lab coats stand around me. I could not move nor feel any pain as they carefully saw off the top of my skull. The second they extract my brain, I float above the scene and watch as they put my brain into a petri dish. They insert electrodes into it, and I realize everything I experienced in this, the “real” world was actually coming from those electrodes. “The Matrix,” anybody?. The scientists put my brain into a huge metal robot body destined for salt mines. YIKES! Ever since, if I see a flash of white in front of my eyes (maybe migraine symptoms) I think “yikes, are my eyes opening for a second in the laboratory?” J

The third recurring nightmare, was of a government conspiracy to kill off our population. I was in an airplane (as an adult, in the dream) with a plane of Americans who were hypnotized with patriotism. Their eyes were glazed, they were happy, proud, eager. They’d been told the best thing to do for the world was kill themselves to be fed to the homeless and hungry of the world and end a global famine. A military man in the aisle stood in full gear with a huge gun just in case. I was the only one who was “awake.” In terror, I squirmed, and then I saw it; a huge grinding plant in the middle of the forest where people were thrown in alive. Worse; the mush was being spread out in the forest, not even being sent to the homeless people to feed them! We had all been lied to. I’d wake as soon as I was tossed in the grinder and my feet hit the first blades.

Why these dreams puzzle me, is because I had them when I was so young, when I didn’t even understand concepts such as governments and conspiracies. Dreaming of cyborgs as a child? I was more into Raggedy Ann and loving the 70s. I wonder, who else had complex dreams as a young child? Do children soak up ideas that they do not understand yet, and regurgitate them in dreams? Or do dreams like this have a psychic edge?

Some will say that I cannot possibly remember dreams I had as a two year old. Not true. Not only were the dreams recurring, I have memories from before I was two. (My mother used to say I would describe her womb to her). It is possible to recall events from our early childhoods.

If you or your child has ever had a dream which was way beyond your years, please send me the exact dream and age when it occurred to I would love to publish it.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess on on 99.3 FM in Hollywood airing every Thursday at 11:30 am PST. She also runs a wealth building program cell phone company at and will be a co-hostess at the Florentine Gardens Night Parties, date pending.


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