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Sydney Silver La Xpress Column About The Paranormal-Electricity

Updated on March 10, 2013

Sydney Silver

Electricity, Baby!

Archived copy of my LA XPRESS newspaper column


Electricity, Baby
Can the human body create electricity? I'm not talking about cranking up a radio by hand. I'm talking about our bodies just naturally creating an excess discharge of electricity.
Scientists and skeptics will not believe the story I am about to tell you, but it's true, regardless of why it happened. When I was in high school, I went to do some ironing. I got out the iron, plugged it in, turned it on, spread my shirt on the washing machine, and left to do some other things while the iron warmed up.
I came back in about 15 minutes, and started ironing my shirt. I noticed that the iron was barely warm. I turned it up a bit and kept ironing. Gradually it heated up until it was piping hot. Satisfied, I ironed my shirt well, shook it out, and went to unplug the iron. My hand reached toward the socket... with a major shock that I will never forget, I realized that the iron was not plugged in. I grabbed the part of the cord exiting the back of the iron, and followed it - down - down - down - and discovered I was standing on the plug end of the cord! There was a dirty shirt on the floor I was standing on, and under that, the plug part of the iron cord was nestled directly under my foot. I hadn't even felt it or noticed I was standing on it.
I stood there a moment with my eyes open wide, because I simply knew something was wrong here. The iron had been cool at first - then heated up - and hadn't been plugged in?

I raced out of the laundry room, calling for my step-mother. When I found her, I explained what had happened in panting breath. I said "I don't understand, I plugged the iron in!"
"Yes," she told me. "I saw that and went in and unplugged it. That iron doesn't work anymore." Astounded, I looked at her. So now here, not only had I somehow powered up an iron with my foot, I had powered up a NON-WORKING IRON!? I insisted to her I was telling the truth and pulled her into the laundry room to feel the iron, which was still warm.
"Well that's strange." she said slowly. "I kept it in here but it hasn't been working."
From there, I started scientifically theorizing upon the matter. Perhaps there had been some excess electricity in the cord that I had triggered the use of? It didn't make sense, nor did it seem like there could be enough electricity stored in the cord, that it would be enough to fully iron a shirt for about ten minutes.
To this day, this mystery has stumped me. However, it is well known that the human body creates electricity and uses electricity to fire up and power thoughts in our minds. I have since, seen videos of monks and other people, claiming to start fires in crumpled up papers, utilizing the electricity of their bodies. While those videos are hard to believe, it may be possible and may be something like what happened to me with that iron, back in high school.
Since, the only possible electrical activity my body seems to have produced, is extremely hot patches in my skin (usually the side of my waist) and when having my electricity photographed at fairs (in those fake "photograph your aura" booths) my supposed "aura" is always super wild and colorful, usually providing a rather stunned response from the photographers. So, could I be rather electric? Let's not have me pair up with another highly electric person, we might spontaneously combust! :-)
Please email me at if you have a response to this article, and thank you to for sending me a free candle, and to Tim H. for sending me a video about Egypt detailing possible modern technologies in response to my column about the possibility of an ancient modern civilization. -Sydney
Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on 99.3 FM at and runs a cell phone service company at

Original La Xpress Newspaper printing


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