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Sydney Silver La ghosts in hotel

Updated on August 7, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source

Ghosts in Hotel


I have started photo capturing and keeping evidence of people who respond to me in writing to say that they, also remember the paranormal events that I am writing about. I really enjoy these photos, which I will post online in my google picasa album soon, because it shows the people who have put me down that I am not lying. Yes, I have been called many names, told I’m a liar, and made fun of. And the fact that other people remember these events too makes these people who make fun of me, or put me down, look like jerks. :-) I just love that!

Ok, so onto the next possible ghost story I have. This incident was such a brief flash, that I wouldn’t believe I had seen a ghost, other than that the other people in the building started telling me their stories about a ghost there.

I was staying in a large hotel, and had just come back from a leisurely swim in the pool. I was walking down a long hallway, headed back toward my room. I thought I was alone in the hall. There were rooms to my right and a panel of windows to my left. I was on the ground floor and I could see the pool outside. As I walked, I glanced up at the window to my left; outside was a little pathway and a chair on it. As quick as a whisper, I thought I saw the reflection of half of a girl sitting in the chair, her long white legs bare, smoking a cigarette in high heels. The image was transparent, and 100% ghostly white, so I assumed it was a reflection. I saw her legs, and arm with a cigarette resting on the chair arm, but nothing from the waist up. My head bounced backwards and I looked quickly to my right to see if a girl was sitting there that could create such a reflection and optical illusion as if to seem like someone was sitting outside in the garden chair!

But to my right, there was only flat wall, a painting, and a small ornamental table with flowers on it. Shocked, I looked back quickly to the garden chair - there was nothing in it. I kept looking back and forth between the garden chair and the wall, trying to figure out what I had seen. Slowly, I turned and looked down the hall behind me, with an odd look on my face. A woman was walking behind me, far down the hall - a real, solid woman.

“You look like you saw a ghost,” she smiled. I didn’t say anything, but the wrinkle on my brow must have said something anyway.

“Did you see a ghost?” she asked.

“I - thought I saw a reflection of a girl sitting there…” I pointed and told her my story and laughed it off, telling her it was silly and I must be tired. But she squinted at me and shook her head.

“No,” she said. “You might have seen a ghost. This place is rumored to have one, and she’s a girl. I think you saw her!”

I was surprised at her words and behavior, and I let her take me into a room to talk to the workers there. She explained to them what had happened. The workers immediately welcomed my story. They told me that they didn’t ever tell the guests about the ghost, to not frighten people, but if someone found out, they let the story out to reassure the person.

The workers sat there and told me a lot of stories, including that they had seen a figure of a woman standing in the very hallway I had been walking down. Someone else told me she had seen the ghost girl sleeping next to her in bed once. Apparently the ghost was very benign and just seemed to show up in odd locations doing things just as everyone else did. It was a dynamic ghost, not one that appeared in the same spot over and over doing the same thing over and over.

They puzzled for a while over why I had possibly seen the ghost. They told me very few people did, and they felt it was special she had shown herself to me, and so quickly, as I had never been there before and was not a frequent visitor. We had no answers, so eventually I went to bed - a little scared this time, but keeping their words in my head, that she, if she existed, was nice, and didn’t do anything but appear now and then.

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on Her photos are done by Will Thompson (714) 351-7637. She is recounting her real life memories. Please listen to her archived radio shows on and tell a friend!



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