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Synopsis for and notes on my novel 'Searching for Scarlet'

Updated on December 9, 2010

 This is the second novel I've got published by 'you write on', by way of a contrast to my sporting dreams series, it is a crime thriller, involving two cases for a newly formed private detective duo. I thought there'll be plenty of people who would rather read two, more succint, stories than one slightly padded out story. Again hopefully in the long term this will serve as a place for readers of the novel to leave feedback. As soon as it's available to buy online I will leave a link on here.

I am also going to add hubs that are some sample chapters of my novels, to get some feedback on which ones people would most like to read and for the ones that are available to buy, people can have a little 'try before you buy.'


Here's the back page 'blurb' for 'Searching for Scarlet'.

            Set in modern day Los Angeles, this is the first case for a new private detective partnership of Sabine, an ex-LAPD lieutenant, and Jordan, an ex-professional Rugby League player from England with a Masters in Criminal Psychology. Sandi, an UCLA student has gone missing, presumed murdered, Sabine and Jordan are asked work on the case by a mysterious friend of Sandi’s, called Scarlet.

            Scarlet proves to be just as elusive as Sandi, with the detectives never able to find either of them. The police get a confession to the murders of both girls, but this case has seemed strange from the start and even the confession doesn’t signal the end of the investigating for Sabine and Jordan. What they discover is more bizarre than either of them could’ve imagined, and ultimately ends with them siding with the perpetrator of the ingenious crime.

            ‘Cold’ is the duo’s second case. A young woman, obsessed with suicide, is found dead in her home from an overdose. The police write it off as a suicide immediately, but there are too many things that don’t make sense for Sabine and Jordan to give up that quickly on finding out for sure who killed her.



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