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The A-Team, And Elite S.W.A.T. Writers From HP

Updated on July 11, 2012
Sorry guys...the other HP members are at home for Christmas!!
Sorry guys...the other HP members are at home for Christmas!! | Source

We are trying to take this task this evening taking our lap top to the attic, with some dinner that didn't cut it for this National Lampoon's night.

Why did we men join HP?

In our case, we were invited through an ad for freelancing. We did write on last April our first hub, but was denied right away for duplicate...we just copied it and pasted from our own website. We came back on July 7th at 11.30pm Eastern Standard time.

What make us male different from the Ladies?

We know that we cannot keep up with them at the mall and the credit cards. Mom was there for over 20 years around. Wives did and do their part (of the deal), but we men..being writers needed a way out and found this place a second home not far away from our own. Needless to say, a click away from our own thoughts. After falling asleep on the awards on August 5th, we started to meet new people, From Epigramman, who always signs with the time....just to remind himself of the time of the day and be sure if he is going or coming from his work know?

These men are awesome, the real...


To be in this class of your own, either you are bored with your cable TV, or chat rooms don't cut it anymore, or maybe you thought you could find your breakthrough after reading the Da Vinci code. Some just took the plunge and got divorce in order to keep up with the addiction. Perhaps you are over 40 and your kids are gone, or got married, but you made time to write. Cogerson Bruce is a 'double whammy' case. He is an stay-at-home dad, but Carl the critic...shhh! He just pops after 11p.m. and drops his bomb against Spielberg or the Movie of the Season or week.

Sadderider1 is the perfect Hubber. 4 nights of work and already done with his kids. He repits and swear that his muse left him..but hey Kenny, we have Tammy or Kelly to help you out with ideas. Miss Olive gets her own Homework after midnight... but if you need a 'hand' let us know man!

Epigramman is the sweet potato in this salad, we believe that he would've made a nice father in law. Smiling, sharing a beer, and making sure you hear his whole collection from Jimmy Hendrix, to Santana ...back to Canada with Brian Adams..!

Did you know that Paul Edmondson, reads some of this awesomeness, but refrains from commenting for ethical issues and because his moderators say so. Sorry Paul for dropping the ball on this! How do we know? We are Angels!

Cogerson is a cool guy, he does his movie reviews after making sure his girls are fine. You ever been hollered by your wife, after forgetting to pick up your kids from School, and the Principal couldn't reach you, but your wife at work? We know because it happened to us! Guilty we are!

One of the Ghosts of this Hub, that appears everynow and then to make a comment is Ghost32. In three years he has written over 1,054 hubs, he can clone Indiana Jones and Steve Segal together and a typical easy rider type of guy; he tells Obama like it is. He told us that he has over 400 more ideas for hubs, but is waiting for the changes in the next Election year.

Randy Godwin epitomizes the handy man for all trades. Having a farming background exposes him to wildlife, archaeology, botany, animal husbandry as well as mechanical and construction knowledge. His how-to Hubs are written from experience, as are his survival articles. He did cut it for our Elite A-TEAM of writers, since he is also skilled in survival techniques and martial arts. we invite you to read his last short story with a twist, "alien observance"

ALASTAR PACKER is a non-fiction writer from North Carolina. His historical Hubs can start at Saint Augustine and Fort Carolina ,back in 1562. He belongs to this class of our own, because he can break down history as we break down math.

How about Cags? He writes articles that increase knowledge and awareness. Thus, giving people power. Banned is about to become his middle name but for Tax purposes, he thinks, we suppose, is not a good idea. He can get you motivated and explain the purpose of life, although, however! He can refute your awareness with a contradiction that can be inflicted as yours at the end of a twisted conversation...! OMG!

Syzygyastro writes on a wide variety of topics from economics to arcane technology through the ages. He delves into the mysteries of the cosmos, which includes all things human, as we are part of the cosmos...makes sense after we almost got hit by a meteorite. He is from Vancouver Canada.

Mentalist acer, is our guy that can be in your mind and on the stars at the same time. How does he do it? Easy, he just writes all in here. He cuts our elite for having majored Theory and Composition with Creative Writing at McNeese University. He is like us. He believes that instant success comes when you are not even looking for it. So he is our guy, that We shall, should and could follow. He strongly believes that if you win the lotto, you should be happy for it, therefore Contentment comes when everything instant becomes timeless...and not cashless.

Dahoglund is a living Cowboy. He is retired from The Dept of the Army in Rock Island, Illinois. he caught our attention with his African American Cowboys from his Western stories. He is another pal that can break down history the same way we break down our car at midnight on a busy Highway. His hubs cover from History of Indians, history of Art American History, to History of dog breeds and Traditional and Cowboy music. You got your match! James Coburn!

Here is another Honcho writer Glenn Stok from long Island New York. He has been published and can help you to get publish yourself by reading his hub on "how to publish yourself without a fee." We just booked marked this valuable hub and we think he deserves recognition for sharing valuable information. When away from HP, he takes care of his business providing automated phone attendant systems for small and home based businesses.

Bendo13, was born in Arizona, traveled to Florida and back to Pennsylvania. He has done so much that he wanted to share with us. His trademark is his daily hub for any National day for 'cooking or exercising,' He likes being outdoors, snowboard when he can, like... to cook, but you can normally find him in front of his computer.

Diogenes is just a visitor since November of 2011, but will read us every now and then. He is a Semi-retired journalist who lived and worked in the USA, Australia and Mexico for many years. So we can recognize him as our Sean Conery of our day. Theme from 'Mission impossible' please!!...

Wayne Brown is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi. His interests include writing, reading, singing, playing guitar poorly, and enjoying the humor found in our everyday life. He served over six years as an officer in the United States Air Force working as a navigator/flight instructor in the Hercules C-130E/H aircraft. A modern cowboy with a flare of Garth Brooks, but he can keep an honest conversation with you. His hub, 'American shame' might igve him a free stay overnight a the White House, but he could fall short of making out the next morning. If you don't like riveting stories do not read his 'Airstar 21.'

LVIDONI5 combines Whiskey and a Bible in a poem.He is from Portland Oregon and Joined HP 13 months ago. He usually read Jinny Marte's Poetry, from a colleague's point of view.

LONE77STAR can really talk to you about the Bible and the Word. His Scientific background make us believe that he is roughly a 69% prototype clone from us...The 31% is from our Poetry and funny side...that we believe is unique from this side of the planet. He resides in Philippines

The list is immense and prolific dear Hubbers. We recommend to take a look to one of them and add them to the 'follow' button. We at HP...have a breed of Citizens from all corners of the world. We don't know how far this dream is going to last. What we know is for sure this: We need to support each one of us and on the Site side, innovation is the clue. We don't dress like a enlightened subject from the dark ages. We do not use windows 95 or Vista anymore. As writers we also look into our own innovation and needless to say, creativity is part of our job.




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