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Updated on June 5, 2014

The Child Inside

Walked through an art museum filled with pictures of style and color.

Came upon a portrait that was like no other.

Portrait of a young girl, hair pulled back wearing a dress of blue;

She held a lit candle standing alone in the dark.

Wondered who she was and why I looked back.

Saw the reflection and continued to stare back.

It's the child inside of me that cried out;

She's been hidden for so long

I believe she'd forgotten her own song.

Because of the guilt, because of the shame, I told her to go away.

From past to present, she has always been.

It's life lessons that have created the grown up she is.

I'd forgotten all about her ................until today.

It's the child inside.

It is clear to see that child inside is me.

She'd grown used to the dark,

Let her eyes adjust.

As she blows out the candle and walks into the sunrise,

Give her some time to realign

For it is I, the child inside.

Written by LEGold

The Child Inside

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