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The Enchanting Orchids (Poem)

Updated on May 7, 2015

I went to the market today took the bus to the mall,

Picked up what I needed, got in line, paid, got bagged up, and

On my way home I proceeded to go,

It was too early for my bus to arrive,

To cool outside to wait, I surmise!

Back into the mart I went, and sat in the warmth,

There I sat and just stared at people coming and going,

Sitting quietly! my eyes wandered onto an array of orchids,

Each one diverse in color and beauty

Every single one had what I call an enchanting power,

Look, I said, within myself at that magnificence

Each orchid different in color, and every petal intricately designed,

As if sculptured, or chiseled, beauty so real, and brilliant,

Again Creator, You have un-expectantly unveiled another wonder

Right before my very eyes, What a surprise!

Thought I was merely seeking shelter, waiting for my ride

Each orchid seem to be dancing with such elegance, and poise,

What a graceful floret I pondered to myself!

What an enchanting flower, cultivated to be an ornament,

If you ever get the opportunity to behold the orchid

Stop! in your tracks, and allow your eyes to savor its beauty,

Watch the orchid for as much time as it takes

My eyes were delighted to see such loveliness,

These flowers beauty seem to have an enchanting power

Very curative, and flowing with ointment,

I sat there just staring, as if mesmerized

I marveled at the brilliance I was beholding,

Would you believe that I had never seen orchids

Up close before this day, only in pictures, and afar,

Time was the antidote that broke the enchantment the orchids held,

It was time for my bus to arrive and I had to depart,

Interrupted, yet fulfilled by these precious moments

I know the orchid will enchant you too.


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